Horoscope for today, may 1, 2017: all zodiac signs

Horoscope for today, may 1, 2017: all zodiac signs



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Today you may have the opportunity to show off to try your luck, do not miss it, trust your intuition.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Aries

Day inclines you to try something new, whether it’s extreme sport, of obtaining new knowledge or love. If you have a loved one, you should spend the night with him, trying to deviate from the usual scenario. If you are single, be open to Dating. In addition, you may very well manifest themselves in art. You will have a whole heap of fresh, unconventional ideas.

Horoscope for Taurus may 1, 2017

The day is conducive to the purification of his own thoughts, which is necessary for clear and precise vision of the true goal. Perhaps you will visit new and interesting idea or passion, and appears a thirst for knowledge, it is not necessary to resist .

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Gemini

Today possible romantic encounters and Dating, original surprises, love, passionate nights, quarrels and tender reconciliation. But by the end of the day you will get tired, and you want a simple quiet happiness.

Horoscope for Cancer on may 1, 2017

You need to be prepared for unexpected twists. However, even if you have pre-planned this day, you are not required to abandon the planned objectives and goals. Your plans may change, but the situation opens new opportunities for you.

Horoscope for Leo may 1, 2017

The recipe for today’s success — the logic and only logic. You will have to prepare some sort of presentation to explain step by step his thought and to convince others of the correctness of any of its words.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Virgo

Today you should be careful of possible sharp conflict. You are in fighting mood, nervous and irreconcilable reacting to everything that happens around. Because of this, between you and others can and then slip a spark, and there to storm the neighborhood. Not to do things, which then have to regret, is to direct their energies in a useful direction.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Libra

Today you may be able to fix something. This may relate to domestic issues, and work situations, and maybe something more global, like relationships with loved ones. Be generous and generosity to those around you, and in the near future can count on the support from their side.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Scorpio

Today you should be careful about the details, because you can make mistakes. Health and mood will not be important, it will affect everything you do. The possible carping from the authorities or regulatory bodies.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Sagittarius

Star horoscope advise today focus on creating intelligent relationships with people. First, any communication based on the principle of sympathy, antipathy, however, for deeper relationships alone are not enough sympathy, it is necessary to find common themes and interests. It is to this fellowship in the field of logic, not feelings, and day declines, while encouraging you to bring your relationship to a new level.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Capricorn

Today, all the best ideas and projects will be connected with other people. To be seen, in the course of events, gossip and rumors — that’s the key to success. It is quite possible that today, thanks to their increased sociability, energy and perfection you will be able to have several very useful contacts. Or use these qualities in a romantic setting, having captivating whichever one you want.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Aquarius

Today the stars will support all your plans and even help solve the problems in his personal life. You can start new projects, they promise to bring considerable revenue. Maybe today some people of this sign will have to go on a long trip.

Horoscope for may 1 2017 Pisces

Today you without much trouble and effort to handle all professional matters. Brilliant organizational skills and the desire, to help you to unite yourself in terms of the number of supporters. In the first half of the day, you should conserve your health: possible injuries and bruises. Can still in this day, to cause serious problems in relationships with others.

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