Holy week 2017: what you can eat

2017 lent started on 27 February and will last until April 15. The most strict is the last week before the end of lent which is called Holy.
During Great lent, strictly prohibited the products that contained meat, fish, poultry, eggs. You can’t consume dairy products, chocolate, pasta, white bread, pickles, spices and alcohol.
Holy week this year runs from 10 to 16 April. During these seven days especially need to fast.
We decided to tell you how to eat in a Holy week 2017.
Holy Monday
Monday you can eat raw vegetables and fruits as well as bread, honey and nuts. It is recommended to eat once a day – in the evening.
Great Tuesday
As in the previous day, allowed raw fruits and vegetables, honey, nuts and bread. It is advisable to eat only in the evening.
Holy Wednesday
You can also have bread, vegetables and fruits, cold-raw food without oil.
Maundy Thursday
In this day allowed to eat hot vegetarian food with vegetable oil twice a day.
Good Friday
On good Friday, to abstain from eating.
Great Saturday
On Saturday you can once a day to eat hot vegetable food without oil.
Easter Sunday
On Sunday, April 16, for Easter, removed all restrictions on food intake.

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