Holy Trinity 2017: what definitely should be remembered

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Holy Trinity 2017



Trinity in 2017 in Ukraine on June 4-5.

So in the summer we will have an extra day off.. This holiday Christians celebrate on the 50th day after Easter. Holy Trinity day is also called Pentecost. At Trinity, the Ukrainians will be one additional day off – Monday, June 5, when the faithful celebrate the feast Day of the Holy spirit.

Trinity: history and the essence of the holiday

According to the gospel, on this day, from heaven descended upon the apostles the tongues of fire of the Holy spirit, men spoke different languages, in order to go to the Nations and to preach Christianity.

Today, June 3, the memory of Saint Nicholas: history, significance, obichaiat fully

The apostles and the mother of God was in the room on mount Zion. With them were Jesus ‘ disciples and the first believers. Suddenly the room was filled with unprecedented noise – like winds filled the room . And every Apostle and to Mary most Holy Spirit of God came in the form of flames. The apostles suddenly started talking all together in different languages, which previously did not know. Saint Peter came out on the porch and announced that the spirit of God descended on the apostles, and they can prophesy.

The same day around 3 thousand people were baptized – and so was born the Christian Church. First Christian Church was the same building on mount Zion is now the Church of the Dormition of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The apostles went to many countries to preach.

Holy Trinity 2017: symbols and signs of a great holiday

They were gifted to predict and to heal, and carried the teachings of Jesus Christ in different Nations. The flames also signifies the ability to burn and purify from sin, to warm the soul and fill them with the light of faith.

That is why Pentecost is also called the birthday of the Christian Church. According to legend, the descent of the Holy spirit promised to the apostles Jesus on the day of His ascension. The promise was fulfilled ten days later – on the 50th day after the Resurrection.

Traditions and signs on the Day of the Holy Trinity

Pentecost always falls on a Sunday. And on Monday, immediately after the Trinity, Orthodox believers celebrate the Day of the Holy spirit. Generally, the Trinity is celebrated for three days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Sunday in the Orthodox churches one of the most solemn and beautiful services of the year, and after the divine Liturgy, make Vespers in memory of the descent of the Holy spirit on the disciples of Jesus. All three holidays in the churches read prayers and commemorate the deceased ancestors.

Green holidays 2017: traditions, rituals, what herbs hallow on Droitsocial fully

The Trinity is also called the Green holidays, it has long been in a time when summer is coming to replace the spring, strew the floor with grass and herbs – honoring the immortality of life and its inexhaustibility of the source. Green branches and flowers on the Trinity adorn the churches and Church yards, and the priests sanctify armfuls of greenery that people bring to Church. The greenery symbolizes in the folk tradition at Trinity, the life, and after dried branches made to burn.

Once this day young people staged mass celebrations on the nature, sang songs, lit bonfires and even wondered. Marriageable girls wove garlands and lay them on the heads to the boys they liked – it was a kind of wedding.

Interestingly, the Trinity is weather it is possible to make a prediction for the future. If that day rain, summer will be fruitful, mushroom and warm. Bad luck on Pentecost believe the hot weather, the summer promises to be dry.

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