Holy Trinity 2017: symbols and signs of a great holiday

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Holy Trinity 2017



Trinity in 2017 falls on 4 June.

Some Orthodox holidays are passing date and in most cases they are all connected with Easter. On what number falls on this day, many important Church dates. For example, if you want to find out what number the Trinity in 2017, primarily, needs to know when there will be an Easter. In the year of the Fire Rooster day of remembrance of Christ’s Resurrection will happen on April 16. Count 50 days, and the date that Trinity will be known. So, in 2017 the Holy Trinity is celebrated on 4 June.

Holy Trinity 2017: what holiday and how will the rest of Ukrainstat fully

The pages of history the feast of the Holy Trinity is the most important religious holiday of the year. It is possible to find information in Scripture. It describes the miracle that occurred on the 50th day after the resurrection of Christ . Early in the morning, about 9 o’clock, the whole Christian people came to the temples to pray. At this point, on mount Zion, started to happen strange things: loud noise, who could hear every one of the apostles present in the house.

Simultaneously, the roar in the sky appeared the flames and began slowly to fall on the heads of the apostles. The flame did not burn, but rather warmed and caressed. Together with the warmth in the hearts of the apostles entered incredible enthusiasm, inspiration, joy, and peace. They were filled with the very love of God.

The apostles suddenly began to speak different languages, and, some of them hitherto were not known to them. This day has come to pass the prophecy, which is described in the gospel of Matthew. Since then and to this day, people honor and remember the feast of the Holy Trinity.

Green holidays 2017: traditions, rituals, what herbs hallow on Droitsocial fully

Orthodox holiday of the Trinity, as well as other celebration has its own traditions. This celebration popularly called Mermaid week. It is connected with pagan ritual, when people dressed in loose clothes, his head was adorned with a bright garland, danced and thanked mother nature for all her blessings. According to ancient beliefs these days out of rivers and lakes overlook mermaids, ride the branches of the trees and watching the people.

Of course, many Trinitarian tradition has sunk into oblivion, but sometimes it is interesting to learn, than our ancestors lived. Leaving the Church, people definitely tried to take some handfuls of grass to mix with hay, boil and drink as a medicinal decoction in case of ailments. If the Church were trees, it was possible to rip the leaves from them and to weave a wreath, which then was used as an amulet.

Homes were decorated with wreaths, bunches of herbs, bunches of wildflowers. In people, the greens have always identified with life, so bringing home fresh flowers or grass, the people thanked the Lord for what he gave them existence. Decorating a home can be had by all plants, but the most valued birch. Before the holiday it was necessary to clean every corner in the house, to wash linen and clothes.

After cleaning, the hostess had to cook a delicious meal (loaves, cakes, meat, etc.). On the Trinity before it was decided to propose. Girls dressed up in their best clothes, walked the village, looking for groom. Many believed that those who came a-Courtin ‘ on the Trinity, will live happily ever after. On this day, baked kozuli (round cakes with egg in the form of a wreath). Ready treats girls were carried to the birches and arranges gatherings.

Rites at Trinity

This fun spring festival was accompanied by interesting rituals, which tried to spend each year. Trinity, the Slavic peoples were a kind of wires of spring and meet the long-awaited summer: girls 7-12 years had mangled twigs of birch, to gather wild flowers and decorate them walls and Windows of their houses; a traditional dish for Breakfast was fried eggs, because it symbolized the bright summer sun.

After the meal, the children hurried into the woods, curled birch (tree branches decorated with wreaths, ribbons, beads), danced around, sang songs and danced; In the sink of the festival (Saturday) Orthodox people remembered the dead relatives, in the people, this day is called “zaduszny Saturday” or “parents ‘ day”; Sunday all went to Church, carrying a beautiful bouquet.

After the service the youth went to the birches, to develop them. Then it was arranged a magnificent meal. At the end of the evening the tree is cut down and carried through the village. Also in some villages were allowed a log in the river because they believed that it is able to give his strength to the first gatherings.

Folk omens

Since ancient times, people watched how animals behave, insects and nature. From all these observations, they were signs used by the current generation. No wonder that such a powerful festival, as the Trinity has its own signs. Here are some of them: rain on the Trinity — expect a good crop of mushrooms. Gather herbs and flowers at this day — get a powerful amulet and cure for many diseases. After the Day of the Holy spirit frosts recede. Hand out fines to the poor and needy — protect yourself from hardship and disease.

On the eve of the Trinity, all plants are endowed with magical and healing powers. Prohibitions at Trinity With a festive week in the nation is due to several beliefs and taboos. Orthodox people tried not to break any of these rules, not to bring himself and his family misfortune. The Trinity is forbidden: making birch brooms or a broom; to repair or to build a fence; work in the early days of Trinity week, while cook treats were allowed; during the week it is not recommended to walk in the woods and swimming in ponds.

Holy Trinity today

Of course, now few who honor those long-standing traditions, but still the Trinity is everyone’s favorite holiday. In the morning young and old goes to the Church to stand firm service, to be cleansed of bad thoughts and fill yourself with positive, light energy. On the eve of the hostess clean the apartments, decorate them with fresh flowers, delicious lunch.

In the resurrection of loved ones visit each other’s homes, bringing with them small gifts. Trinity — a family holiday, so if you want to spend it properly and with benefit, round up the family, loved ones and enjoy this beautiful day.

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