Hockey. Slovenia made supercubes, but lost to Switzerland for world Championships 2017

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Switzerland – Slovenia


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In a surprising match of Slovenia ice hockey team lost to Switzerland in a series of shootouts after 4:4 and 4:0 in the first period.

Hardly anyone expected that already in the first period Slovenia will be smeared on the ice by Switzerland. Yes, just last season, the Slovenes played in the first division but the composition is quite good nick Guanica to solve the team task of saving residence in the elite.

A little reconnaissance at the start of the meeting ended with the destruction of part of Switzerland, which use Slovenia failed. But first delete the Slovenians scored — the goal was scored by Andreas Ambühl. Just 12 seconds Heten Haas doubled Switzerland, leaving in shock the opponent.

The defeat of Slovenia continued, moreover, is not the best way played goalkeeper Gasper Crosell . Romain Loffel throw from the blue brought the score at the 17th minute, and on the 18th, Simon Bodenmann finished off the puck into the net with Piglet — 4:0.

After the break, Slovenia was replaced by the goalkeeper instead of Gasper Closely came Matia, Pintaric. Changed the drawing game that became quieter. Bell Switzerland has become the puck of Jan Jan mursak in the minority re the second break, which was one of the most experienced Jonas Hiller.

But Switzerland did not play in a more disciplined way, for which he paid in the third period. And if the puck Jig of Iglica was not yet critical, the subsequent removal put the Swiss in a very difficult situation. Slovenia used the chance for a full — Jan Urbash format five to three reduced the gap to a minimum, and Robert sabolic in most five to four equalized.

Moreover, at the end of the third period deletion Philippe Furrer could bring to Slovenia the victory in regulation time, but shocked Switzerland held the draw.

Mid-overtime Macao on courage was not released Switzerland from the zone, but not scored, missed the counter and ran for deletion. However, Switzerland was so exhausted that even in the format of four three have not created at gate of Pintarich real moments. Only at the last second someone from the players on the team Patrick Fisher left the bar after the transfer partner.

In the end, the fate of the match was decided in a penalty shootout, where luck still turned to face Switzerland. The experienced Hillier gave the Slovenians to punch myself in hockey a penalty, whereas in Switzerland, the only accurate shot came from Damien Brunner.

Switzerland — Slovenia 5:4 in shootouts (4:0, 0:1, 0:3, 0:0)

Washer: 10:49 Ambühl (Suter — large.) — 1:0; 11:01 Haas (Praplan, Ghinazzi) — 2:0; 16:59 Loffel (Hollenstein, Proplan) — 3:0; 17:47 Bodenmann (Brunner) — 4:0; 38:31 Murschak (TAVIA — less.) — 4:1; 45:50 Jeglic (sabolic, Kranich) — 4:2; 54:02 Urbash (Ograjensek, Pretnar — large.) — 4:3; 55:23 sabolic (Ticar — great.) — 4:4

Critical bullet: Brunner

Goalies: Hiller — Crosell

Throws: 33 (15+8+8+1) — 23 (5+9+8+1)

Penalty: 16 — 10

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