Historical Shoe elite 2018

Cleaning of the Russian elite after the presidential election, neizbezhnost exempt from the corrupt and ineffectual liberal elite that came to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
2018 may be a modern repetition of 1937. All the conditions are present, US sanctions will be
the catalyst…


Cynical view of the current crisis

Author: Mikhail Khazin

If you look at the structure of society (in the parasitic system. Approx. Rouen) from the point of view of maximum cynicism, any society at all times is divided into three basic groups: the elite, the subservient and “cattle”. Elite — those who define the “rules of the game” and, accordingly, are their main beneficiaries (that is, own property, those who are “in proportion”). Attendants — those who live by created by the elite rules and gets paid for it. “Cattle” — those who survive, that is, for some reason. can not reach the level of providing a permanent and decent job.

The so-called “democratic process” (TM) is a technology that aims to create subservient feeling that she was somehow involved in the administration of the state and society . This was created in some countries the “middle class” — a layer subservient who thinks she too has a property. Actually no, as can be seen in today’s Russia, which is rapidly heading for a situation in which citizens are beginning to understand that to own property they, in fact, can not afford. In particular, in the United States giving, in our understanding, have only very rich people. The same situation soon will have to contain the plots distributed to people under the Soviet regime, free of charge, soon to be for the average person absolutely can not afford.

In former times the border between the attendants and “cattle” was education. Getting a good education guaranteed a decent social status (in service, of course), so many literary works of that time was devoted to how certain people at any price, this formation has been received, after which they began to take larger segments of the population as “their”. But today, this barrier is strongly smeared, and because of universal secondary education and reduce the level of higher education. Now the border between “cattle” and attendants is rather arbitrary, it is worth losing a decent job (or unexpectedly to her) and you move from one group to another. Of course, up is always harder to get than down. But, nevertheless, up the barrier is not closed.



But the barrier between the elite and the attendants are extremely high. In fact, in terms of stability up it can be overcome only through blood relations: need or to marry the representative of the elite or to marry. It is usually to consolidate relations need joint children, or the divorce invalidates all the gains. Note that in the USSR all was differently, the barrier between the elite and the attendants were overcome and cattle almost was not. But the Soviet Union is no more, and in the modern Russian elite is composed of several major groups, namely, part of the old Soviet nomenklatura, of the Nouveau riche prihvatizatory and the highest part of the Russian bureaucracy. The national staff here, I consider the first group, because since Soviet times they have not changed. But out of the elite, almost impossible. Why finding it is such a struggle.

We should also note that staying in the elite is not a guarantee of a person of high income. The average standard of living is practically guaranteed, since you have access to “decent home” and, therefore, will always be normal operation. But this is a normal standard of living subservient (not even top class). For entry into the share (real property) you need to have to show some activity. But it is clear that for the elite such activity share virtually guarantees.

Beginning of the crisis leads to the fact that assets are becoming less and, for the first time since 1991 when the new Russian elite began to emerge, the question arose about its reduction. Because never and nowhere vnutrishniy exit mechanisms of the elite do not provide, it always lead to serious problems. We have mainly used for this “fight against corruption” (TM) because from the point of view of “democratic procedures” the fact of existence of elite corruption in the country. In the West, most likely, this will be the mechanism of total bankruptcy, but this is detail. The most important thing.



The fact that the elite is always created for some basic models, paradigms, based on which she writes the rules for the whole society. If I’m right and this model has exhausted itself, then we need a new model! And the elite should receive its media. The media always come from the outside and for this reason, the crisis of the paradigm is the only time when the elite can get in, bypassing the blood barriers. Then there is a unique chance for the house staff.

In other words, the elite can only be accessed a) in the midst of a major paradigm crisis. This condition is fulfilled. b) having a clear understanding of how this crisis can go, and the public is the solution to many of the current elite. It all depends on the person. And finally, C) demonstrating the correct behavior.

So, changes in the composition of elites always happens the same way: if the current composition of the political elite should (according to objective economic reasons) to stay only 40%, while the “old” elite is reduced by 80%, and then the remaining 20 are recruited from the indentured servants.



“Friends of Putin” is ready to crawl to the Tramp on her knees

The Author – Dmitry Rodionov

Major Russian businessmen close to the political leadership of Russia, are negotiating with representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the US state Department about how you can avoid falling in the new sanctions list. About it, referring to a former employee of the us Department of Dan Freda, Bloomberg reports. He argues that many of the potential defendants in the list sent to Washington a secret of their representatives.

It is also reported that some of the major Russian businessmen have already conducted stress tests on the subject of what will hit the list for their investments and some have already started to sell their foreign assets to manage to make it to the imposition of sanctions.

While Bloomberg stresses that inclusion in the list does not automatically fall under sanctions, but increases the likelihood of such a scenario.

The list is expected to be published in the coming days or weeks. According to “Kommersant”, the document can include more than 50 high-ranking officials and businessmen.

In early January, “SP” wrote that Washington may be trying to build a loyal America, the oligarchs in the fifth column. For this purpose consultations through a series of legal companies that have close contacts with Russian oligarchs.

If you believe in this version, it appears that Washington’s efforts were crowned with success, since the potential defendants in the list turn to him with a request for negotiations. As it can be dangerous for the stability of the political system in Russia? And is it possible to trust Bloomberg?



— Bloomberg is considered a serious publication, however, given the epidemic of fake news in many major and respected media, information on consultations of the Russian propertied class with American officials may be “duck”, — believes the analyst of an international monitoring organization CIS-EMO Stanislav Bychok.

Or, even more likely, “half-truths”: for example, in a conversation with an American official, a man working for a major Russian businessman, referred to the concern of his patron entry is possible in the upcoming “black lists”of what was then exaggerated story about the fact that the Russian rich are lined up in the appropriate American court with the petitions.

Something like it was “perverse connections” trump of Russia: a pair of people associated with the then candidate for US President, spoke several times with Russian officials, what mastimovie Western media, it was concluded almost on the plot.

“SP”: — as evidenced by the appearance of this material today, on the eve of the publication of the lists?

— Publication of lists is a pretty hot topic for the American media, and therefore, it is possible to start a “stamp” on it in advance. Here, it seems to me that the time to publish selected quite well.

“SP”: — what can be negotiated, and how they can be successful?

— Reportedly, negotiations are underway with representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the US state Department. If any negotiations actually take place, they are rather informal manner, without any obligation on the American side. Also it is hard to imagine success for a sanctioned Russian businessmen. What they can promise America?



“SP”: — you Write that some Russian businessmen have already started to sell their assets abroad to stay ahead of the threat of sanctions. Will it help? Why not try to protect yourself before?

— In crisis situations, there is always hope that now reached the “bottom” and will start to bounce back. In this case, the hope that the sanctions “wave” will go no further and will be fixing the loss, move on. But here the US the logic of the other — to weaken the Russian leadership through pressure on or otherwise associated with the Kremlin businessmen. And here with these business men appears the dilemma: either to somehow get rid of assets that may be at risk of new sanctions, or try to save it, while starting negotiations with the relevant authorities in the United States. To those who go the second way, of course, there will be distrust in Moscow.

“SP”: — the United States will try to recruit someone from the elite to implement some kind of subversive activities?

The undermining of power in the country, not through “external” protests, and from the inside, through recruitment (or rerecruitment) elites — it is elementary tactics. Regardless of whether its in Washington now or not, as the Russian elite can hardly be called satisfactory. After all, is paradoxical and, to be honest, quite a scary situation when people are close to making key decisions about the present and future of Russia, do not associate with her or his future or the future of their children. Hard, and just silly to expect loyalty from people living in what is called “two-flats”, and storing all valuable it in the second, foreign apartment.

They say it’s normal for today, when more or less stable national boundaries co-exist with “no homeland” of financial flows. Indeed, in a global world it is. But state loyalty individuals can easily change depending on which way the financial winds are blowing. And here the Western sanctions can have unintended for those who take them, the consequences of the Russian financial elite are actually encouraged to define who they are in the current confrontation, thereby simplifying the task of external observers — without any questioning and Inquisition.

Overall, it seems clear that the main political task of Vladimir Putin, if he again becomes President, will be the nationalization of the elites. And here foreign policy tension in some extent is a factor that helps to solve this problem.



According to the associate Professor of the HSE, the member of the Zinoviev club MIA “Russia today” Pavel Rodkinadistributed by Bloomberg information is largely part of a campaign to pressure demoralize and split in the Russian elite.

— This component of psychological warfare no less important than the actual actions associated with sanctions against the Russian capital. With the growth of the degree of conflict will increase and display the intensity associated with various plums, stuffing, the publication of compromising material, etc., which as usual will contain the truth, half-truths and lies.

SP”: — There is a version that the United States will try to form individuals targeted by the sanctions, fifth column. How this can be successful, and where it will lead?

— This version is generally accepted. Explanation it is completely technological. The use of the wealthy class for political purposes under the threat of deprivation of its state lies on the surface. The temptation to preserve his position in the world system of capital allocation is extremely large, so it is obvious that a certain part of the elite could accept such a deal and to make a significant contribution to the loosening of the situation inside the country. However, a great danger to the socio-political stability is a systematic dismantling of the welfare state, which creates a breeding ground for all external and internal destructive influences.

Vice-President of the Union of tanners and shoemakers Vladimir Denisenko on how shoes walking is simply dangerous

“SP”: — Bloomberg writes that the potential defendants in the list have started to sell their assets abroad. Will the?

The threat removed and stored in the West of the capital of the Russian elite almost openly warned Vladimir Putin. The business elite until recently delayed these actions. The problem really is not even, whether they have time to return their money, and whether they are in the context of globalization to keep them in Russia, because control over the entire system of capital and ownership (and power) belongs to the global West. Which means, salvation in the national state against which the business itself and the elite waged a relentless struggle, it becomes all the more elusive.



“SP”: — Why address it now? In previous years it was unclear what was coming?

— Post-Soviet elites live in a different world, different from the mass perception, with different level of contacts and connections. In addition, ideologically and even psychologically, this elite continues to live by the ideologies of the 90-ies of the last century, in a situation of “the end of history”, meaning that the whole system of neoliberal capitalism and consumer society and their position in it will be enshrined forever, and history will not change.

The Soviet elite lacks any independent vision, in particular that the transition of Western elites and Western companies in postcapitalism, requiring a lot of resources, will be paid, including at their expense. These changes in the post-Soviet elite not completely believe, even now, because they do not understand them. Steps to save their own capital because are in the post-Soviet elites are extremely chaotic, situational, but even in these conditions, they continue to believe in the normalization of relations with the West.



“Hawks” in the US to help Russia get rid of the oligarchic elite

Author khazin.ru

Last week it was announced that the US administration is preparing to submit to Congress the so-called Kremlin report — a list of senior Russian officials and businessmen close to the highest leadership. This requires from the law “On counteraction to opponents of the United States through sanctions,” writes “Kommersant”.

Vladimir Lepekhin, Director, Institute of the EAEC :

To the question “what is the main problem of modern Russia?” most Russians will surely answer: the comprador elites. In the corrupt and sold out to the West the officials. But here’s the problem: in the context of a nascent democracy, when the current parliamentary parties are entirely Pro-Kremlin and opposition forces is an exercise in criticism of the authorities in the marginal field, the citizens of Russia there is no possibility to not only replace the current elite, but even somehow to update the government.

Civil most hoped that after the next presidential election Vladimir Putin if he is elected (and in Russia there is little doubt), will take up the shock of the elites, because he has no other choice. But here’s the paradox: this very painful problem took to solve for us, for Russians, the state Department. In particular, the U.S. Congress is preparing a list of senior Russian officials and businessmen, particularly close to the current American leadership.



It is clear that this list is bogus: it will not include those who are in real relationships with U.S. “partners” and “sponsors”; but instead will be included, those who just did should not be considered “friends” of the Department of state or the person of Donald trump. But the Russians-what’s the difference?

The majority of Russian citizens best hitting Washington on senior Russian officials – well, to have learned at last to love the Motherland and ceased to extort from Russia the raw materials and money. However, this party has declared Russia sanctions have long understood. Less clear is why American “hawks” are so persistent in the implementation of a completely crazy and useless on the merits of the action, as the announcement to Congress of lists of their class partners – although any intelligent “hawk” would have done in their place the opposite way: awarded to Russian officials for looting the Russian Treasury and other crimes against Russia.

The reason has engulfed their insanity simple: the loser of the presidential election the Democrats are terribly afraid to name the true enemies of the United States – indeed, in this case they will have to admit complicity in crimes against the American people (in fact, another reason. The globalists don’t want a tactical Alliance of trump with Russia. Approx. Rouen). So we have to beat through false version until it stops in the hope that sooner or later, or the Sultan will die or the donkey will be dead or trump would fall down, or Russia will not stand and give a reason to go against it to the full “defensive” war.




The current Pro-Western Russian “elite



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