Hiking: how many steps a day you need to go really

Hiking: how many steps a day you need to go really
22:08 Thu, 6 Jun 2019 Telegraph 24tv.ua Photo: pixabay.com news of show business: it Turned out that to reduce the risk of premature death, sufficient for less than 5 thousand steps a day.

Earlier there were recommendations that to maintain health and maximize the life expectancy of people need daily to do at least 10,000 steps.

But a new study of American scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital have shown that this daily limit can be reduced more than two times to 4 400 steps, writes the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

This is the number of steps was carried out by older women reduced the risk of premature death by more than 40%. However, if the number of steps increased, the risk of premature death also decreased. The final figure were 7 500 steps per day. Exceeding this amount did not give significant advantages.

This is good news for people who lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle and consider the limit of 10 000 steps too big for them. Now it turned out that the level of physical activity may be reduced, but it is very important that he still maintained each day.

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The authors of the study observed over 4 years for a group of 16 700 women in the age from 62 to 101 years. They all wore special bracelets-pedometers, which are carefully recorded the number of steps taken.

Observations showed that there was no reason to set 10,000 steps. It is likely that the authors of previous studies carried out is not entirely correct.

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