Hetman Razumovsky in St. Petersburg are not fundamentally switched to Russian

Gregor Razumovsky: “Hetman Kirill Razumovsky was a patriot. Even said in Russian” Photo: mip.gov.ua

A descendant of the last Ukrainian Hetman Kirill Razumovsky (1728-1803) – Gregor Razumovsky told about the attitude of his limber tongue.

“I had heard negative criticism of Kirill Razumovsky. Like a subject of Moscow. People where you got it. He was a patriot. Do not even speak Russian. When I went to St. Petersburg, then there were talking in French. In everyday life – only in Ukrainian. It was his principled position,” – says Gregor Razumovsky in the program TSN.

Adds that his ancestor was searching the Pereiaslav agreement, which was concluded Bohdan Khmelnytsky to the Moscow Tsar. And never found of the original document.

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Then he raised the issue of the independence of the Ukrainian front by Catherine II. For which he was arrested.

Count Gregor Razumovsky lives in Austria specially flew to Kiev to take part in the filming of the movie “Treasure of the Nation.”

Ukraine was visited by the historian Gregor Razumovsky – a descendant of the last Hetman Kirill Razumovsky.

He gave the Museum in Baturin original wagon 1763 from the family collection. The document provides the rank of centurion Stefan Lukomsky


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