Heroes. Strongman show: Who won hell of a world Cup strongman 2018

In the latest edition of “Heroes. Strongman show” for 17.11 – in Kropyvnyts’ke in Ukraine’s largest international exhibition “Agroexpo” which was held on the stage of the world Cup strongman 2018.

First exercise – “the shield”. The shields, weighing 170 pounds must be transferred in the hands at a distance of 40 meters

Who will do it faster, wins.

Paul Cardiaca performs the first exercise

First place was taken by Ukrainian Pavel Cardiaca, having won the job over 18,48 seconds.

Rating after the exercises “shield”

Then the second exercise is a relay race from LOGLIFT. Three successively delivered loglifta need to lift 2 times each. The first 120 pounds, the second is 130 pounds, and the heavy 140 pounds.

Ahead of Rafal Kobylarz from Poland performs an exercise of “over-head”

First place in this exercise took pole Rafal Kobylarz, but Paul Cordier still remained the leader in the overall rating.

Overall rating after exercise “over-head”

The third task is a traditional exercise grip “Farm walk”. You have to pass 60 meters, holding at 130 pounds in each hand.

Rafal Kobylarz performs “farmer’s walk”

In this exercise, the fastest was again Rafal Kobylarz, so he came in first place overall ranking.

Rating after exercise “farmer’s Walk”

Who was the leader in three exercises and won the competition – see the program.


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