Help “his”: as the High Council of justice operates by double standards

The high Council of justice is the highest judicial authority in Ukraine. The members of the authority can dismiss or appoint judges, to resolve disputed issues and make fair decisions. Theoretically, the videoconferencing has to work best of the best, real pros, but very often is just the opposite. And people with high positions use their position for their own purposes.
Honor of the week

In the summer of 2017, the High qualification Commission of judges of Ukraine had considered a disciplinary complaint against the head of Appellate court of Cherkasy region Vladimir Babenko. The judge was accused of exerting pressure on colleagues.

In the beginning of the revolution of dignity Babenko forced his subordinate Sergey Bondarenko illegally evict the teacher from the hostel of the enterprise “Nitrogen”, which belongs to the oligarch Dmytro Firtash. The woman could be on the street, just because the judges needed a place to celebrate “Day of court”.

The judge Bondarenko did not succumb to the pressure and issued a legal decision. For this, the head of the court’s actions caused the slave and began to threaten him. Sergey Bondarenko recorded a conversation with the head of the recorder and also asked the Prosecutor and the Vienna Convention.

Higher qualification Commission has decided that the woman should be fired, but to make a final decision to dismiss should have been just the High Council of justice. By law, there is only one month. However, the case of the Council lay as many as 20 months. During this time, the judge filed a lawsuit on kvalifikatsiyu.

Babenko lost in the first instance, but won the appeal. That is why the High Council of justice refused to fire him. The only one who noticed the obvious delay in the case of a judge of the Queen, became a member of the High Council of justice, former judge of Obolon district court of Kiev Irina Mamontova. In April 2019, she issued a separate opinion, which stated that the High Council of justice has created artificial obstacles for dismissal Babenko.

“Honor week” – a member of the High Council of justice Irina Mamontova

By the way, in 2014, Mamontov, and she was, in fact, in judge Bondarenko, who is pressed by the user. During the revolution of dignity of a judge of Obolon district court of Kiev examined the protocols on administrative offences against participants of the rally to Mezhyhirya.

Then Mammoth, as the head of the court, a call from the Administration of Viktor Yanukovych’s Deputy Andrey Portnov. He demanded to review these protocols and to deprive the rights of drivers control. When Mamontov refused to do it, she put the condition to resign from the post of head of the court. Which she did. Subsequently, this pressure she gave testimony in the Prosecutor’s office in the investigation of the Affairs of the Maidan.

Prize “Honor of the week” for a detailed study of the law and conscientious performance of their duties receives a member of the High Council of justice Irina Mamontova.

The wickedness of the week

The lecturer on the case of Babenko in the High Council of justice was Tatiana Malashenkova. It depended on how quickly the case will be considered. Instead of consideration of the question of dismissal Babenko within one month, as the law requires, she waited for almost two years and helped the woman to avoid dismissal. The gross violation of the term of Malashenkova noted the Public Council of integrity in his conclusion, but he was rejected.

Babenko is not the only one who Tatiana Malashenkova actually helped to avoid punishment. For the position of member of OSG, it covers judges of the Maidan, who were put behind bars activists of the revolution of dignity and strongly supported the regime of former President Viktor Yanukovych. That is, with the participation of Malashenkova escaped punishment by the Deputy head of the District administrative court of Kyiv Eugene Ablov, which ordered the Berkut to disperse the Maidan.

Was in no hurry Malashenkova with the consideration of the complaint to the head of the Sixth administrative court of appeal of Andrey Goryaynov. Journalists discovered he had a lot of undeclared property, decorated to the former mother-in-law. The activists filed a complaint against Goryaynov in September 2016, but Malashenkova reviewed it in March 2019 and refused to open the case.

“Mischief week” – judge Tatyana Malashenkova

However, all these facts and negative opinion of DSD has not prevented Malashenkova to be a judge of the Supreme Court. The corresponding decree in may 2019 was signed by current President Petro Poroshenko. I should add, Malashenkova was in GRP that is under the quota of the President Poroshenko. And probably have been promoted through personal contacts, because before appointment to the GRP Malashenkova for a long time worked as a lawyer in the companies owned by Poroshenko and stood for the Verkhovna Rada according to the list from “BPP”.

For violation of requirements of the law and neglecting their duties award “Mischief week” gets ex-member of the High Council of justice and judge of the Supreme Court Tatyana Malashenkova.

Winners of the award and anteprime defines public organization “Foundation of DEJURE”, which monitors the progress of judicial reform and achieves purification of the judicial ranks.

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