Heavenly angels and demons Aeroflot

Avialability. Angels and demons Aeroflotopenoi plane. It would seem that it is easier to calmly sit down and wait a couple of hours.
But there are passengers with “a star on her forehead”, which even for a short time is not able
to control your emotions.


Sky, airplane, girl. Passengers with impunity mock the flight attendants

The Author – Irina Halicka

Girls meet passengers on Board. Each other smile and hope for a comfortable flight. But sometimes, some travelers are beginning to kick up a row and make fun of flight attendants. A verbal altercation can lead to a sad up to a beating treatment in the hospital and threats.

Flight attendants deprived of the means of defense, they have no right to use physical force and to ask for help from other passengers. It only remains to keep a smile on my face and calm person. Can the crew protect themselves from violent relaxation, versed RIA Novosti.



Mother-the major of FSB

The wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alice 6 Jan became a member of the scandal on Board the aircraft, flying from Sheremetyevo . Shortly before takeoff, when all passengers on safety rules had to be in their seats, the woman decided to change the baby’s diaper. To the requests of the flight attendants to delay the procedure, she did not react and continued to walk through the cabin, despite the fact that the Board “fasten your seatbelts” was already on fire.

The press service of “Aeroflot” reported that, in addition, during taxiing of the aircraft Arshavin tried to transplant the nanny of his children from economy to business class. The flight attendant made some remarks of a young mother, but the demands of the passenger has not complied.

In the end, the crew stopped traffic. Alice Arshavin together with the nanny and children was removed from the flight and sent to the police, where she conducted educational conversation. There’s a woman wrote a letter to the stewardess.

After that, the flight attendant, who asked the wife of a footballer to sit on the seat, began to send threats allegedly on behalf of the Investigative Committee. According to media reports, in SMS it was said that a girl can receive from two to four years of imprisonment. In addition, the message included the phrase “you dropped a mother with two children and the major of FSB Arshavin Alice Alexandrovna”.

In “Aeroflot” have officially confirmed that Arshavin on Board has repeatedly called himself a “FSB major“than put pressure on the crew.

Where she got the phone number of flight attendants and what the outcome of the pressure on it is an open question. This is necessary to understand to law enforcement. The airline, in turn, insists that truth is on their side — the employee clearly met the job description. However, footballer’s wife stated that she served on the court and will seek punishment.



I did everything right

Social networks and media are full of news about the abuse of flight attendants. Avialability can behave on the plane inappropriately, sometimes resorting to physical force. However, as practice shows, the crew members can not defend themselves from attack by violent customers.

In April 2017 the criminal code of Russia introduced the article for disorderly conduct on transport, including on the plane. The sanction provides the penalty to 500 thousand roubles, and in some cases — deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years. However, not every violation committed by passengers, can be brought under this article, said senior flight attendant Olga Savinova (name changed at the request of the heroine).

According to her, in the case of Arshavina as such bullying from the point of view of the law was not, however, what she got up from her seat during takeoff, one way or another is a direct threat to security. That, in fact, could lead to serious consequences, if the flight attendant had not intervened.

“People during taxiing of the plane stands up and walks towards the cockpit. Imagine the actions of the flight attendant. How would he know that the passenger in mind?— explains Savinova. — In addition, to move about the cabin, in principle, unsafe: if the liner slammed on the brakes, the passenger could fall, bump myself, to hurt her or fall on others.”



The star on her forehead

The girl shares his observations from his 10 years experience in passengers during the flight are often to change them, arguing that they are “Golden“, “Brilliantovae” and so on the participants of the loyalty program of the airline.

“Most of these people with a star on her forehead. Require them to turn over, raise the tone, threatening, waving their arms, in some cases, offer to negotiate, or to pay. But the plane — not the cashier. We can’t replant. Perhaps in some airlines this is allowed, but common practice does not permit to change the place. This had to be taken care of before landing on the ground,” says Savinov, adding that all the conditions of the flight, the airline said in agreement. It takes each passenger before purchasing a ticket. However, as practice shows, one that the document reads.


The President of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight attendants Ilona Borisova says that today’s flight attendants — the only one who is faced with the scandal during the flight. In the field of air transport there are still no programs that can protect them both legally and factually.

Only the captain can make the decision to remove a person from the plane or not. Flight attendants do not have rights. And for good reason. They need to prescribe these powers. Meanwhile, the flight attendants have a right only to observe. But control is not particularly helps,” explains Borisov.

In her opinion, the system of control of passengers must be multistage. For example, before “najemnicy” who check your boarding pass before you leave, could not let the plane people under the influence. Now indicates Borisov, all are on Board freely.

Agrees with her stewardess Savinova: if there is a stream of passengers, flight attendants on the ladder is extremely difficult to stop the crowd because of one person.

“In my practice there was a case when the commander of the ship through the window I noticed, as the bus sat people in a very strong alcoholic intoxication. He got out of the cab and he met him at the gangway, not allowing for transport — says Savinov. Not so much that the passenger can vandalize while drunk. Alcohol during the flight in different ways affects the well-being, it is a danger. And flight attendants, not doctors.”

However, the main problem, which does not allow flight attendants to work quietly — no protection on Board. During the landing the plane near the crew at the gangway is the representative of the security service. He must ensure that all passengers had taken their seats. But if such employees are in the airplane, just before takeoff. And during the flight on Board no one would be able to oversee security.



A single standard how to work the flight attendant, in Russia. Some airlines are allowed to apply different protection measures — including associate rowdy with tape or belts. However, such measures are allowed everywhere.

“This is partly correct. Head stewardess is filled with thoughts of tea and coffee, lunch and instructions on how to rescue a person in an emergency situation, but obviously not on how to pacify troublemakers”, says Savinov.

To reduce the risk of injury to crew members, many airlines have begun to train flight attendants in basic skills of self-defense. At the same time, says the flight attendant, this measure is also ineffective and more dangerous: a member of the crew might simply be unable to calculate his strength, causing injury to the passenger.

“The Board must be an employee of the police or security services are able to intervene. And most importantly — that he had the power“, — she argues.

Another measure of impact, which will start in June 2018, — black lists. Once in this once in a while, people will no longer be able to fly anywhere in the future. However, the lists will be already after the fact. So, prevention is not a major impact.

Tie and hide

Airlines tend not to understand the problems of their employees, says Borisov.

So, in mid-December, the 21-year-old passenger had to be removed from the flight “Moscow — Simferopol”, because it is before the flight was half drunk and demanded to have it put in business class. The flight attendant tried to explain to her the rules: you can only occupy the place which is specified in the boarding pass. However, the girl attacked the stewardess with his fists. The victim had to be urgently hospitalized with a traumatic brain injury. Drunk deboshirki was removed from the flight by police.

The airline in the case until recently remained on the sidelines, not protecting, but not blaming the flight attendant. “Only when the media raised a fuss, the company came to the defense of the flight attendants. But most often, the protection of labour rights is lame” — sums up Borisov.



The image of the profession

An important factor that affects the ratio of passengers to flight attendants — the fall in the prestige of the profession. Now they are treated like waiters and attendants, not as those who ensures safety in the air, I’m sure the Union President.

“The crew is overloaded with services, not everyone can do this mode. And airlines do not talk about what the job of a flight attendant — it’s still harmful working conditions“—throws up his hands Borisov.

In Soviet times, to get a job as a flight attendant was extremely difficult, and today announcing the hiring can be seen on the pillars in the subway, says Borisov. Earlier this position was held, and now the companies high turnover, wages are reduced. Young girls go to work to Shine, and in fact are often forced to subdue drunken passengers, exposing themselves to danger.






The passenger of the flight Moscow-Barcelona calmed drunken companion



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