Heather Nauert left his post as head of the press service of U.S. Department of state

Neuert left his post as head of the US state Department and went to work in the education Fulbright Program – founded in 1946 by U.S. Senator James William Fulbright.

On Friday said the state Secretary Mike Pompeo in his Twitter.

On behalf of the United team of Department of state thank you Heather Nauert two years of perfect and incomparable work. You will be good to represent America, working in the Fulbright program,
– he wrote.

Recall that on 7 December 2018 President Donald trump has announced his intention to nominate Neuert to the position of permanent representative to the UN. However, she withdrew his candidacy for the position in mid-February for family reasons.

Who’s Heather Nauert?24 April 2017, she is the official representative of US State Department. Previously was leading and correspondent of the morning program Fox and Friends on Fox News Channel. Heather Nauert held its first press conference on 6 June 2017.

What is the Fulbright Program?This is a program of scientific exchanges of United States of America. It is sponsored by the State Department and occupies a significant place in the system of international education. The basic idea of the program is the interaction and mutual understanding based on knowledge and respect for the diversity of the world. The program was launched in 1946 and exists in 155 countries including in Ukraine, where for 25 years with her help trained more than 1,000 young scientists.

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