Head trauma in a child: Komorowski explained, when to run to the doctor

If the kids hit his head, this should alert the parents. All because of an injury to infants and older children have a fundamental difference. At first in the cranial cavity is a large amount of fluid .

Pediatrician Eugene Komorowski says: babies have benevolent and pliable and moveable joints between bones of the skull. All this creates the possibility of depreciation and reduces the risk of head bumps and head.

So most head injuries in children under years of infants ends well, but any blow to the head should be taken seriously. All because of the possible threat of damage to the substance of the brain and bleeding in the cranial cavity.

The doctor described the symptoms that indicate a dangerous head injury in children

• loss of consciousness of any duration;
• inappropriate behavior;
• unusual sleepiness
• seizures
• vomiting (more than once);
• inability to move arm or leg
• pupils of different sizes;
• the appearance of dark (dark blue) spots under the eyes or the ears;
• bleeding from the nose or ears;
• the allocation of colorless blood or fluid from nose or ears.

Unusual sleepiness after a head injury in the infant is an alarming symptom

When these symptoms should immediately consult the doctors.

Eugene Komorowski notes: these symptoms may not occur immediately, so parents must carefully observe the child for 24 hours after a head injury.

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