Head coach of “Spike”: “There are complaints sparring at the gathering”

Ruslan Kostyshin / Photo: FC Kolos

Head coach of “Spike” Ruslan Kostyshin told about the first training camp of the team. His words are quoted by the press service of the club.

“We had an interesting collection, with the mood. In the end, when we all want to go home, looking for something emotional to be in a good mood. Nothing in training camp didn’t happen that could ruin our mood.

Happy collecting, all fulfilled, were lucky with the weather, never missed a single workout. In sparring there is criticism, I wish there were others. Like, team strong, but they were not playing the main teams. Not the most informative sparring turned to the coach.

But the condition in which we were, any rival would be complicated. It is difficult to assess, all tired, I could tell from the indicators, visually, what the players were doing work on the conscience. They want to relax.

Happy with the newcomers to work, but historically, beginners difficult at first training camp to get used to our loads. We have a specific load, direction. Passed it all. She ended up in a physical pit. But now it will be easier, there’s another line of work.

In the first week all in the mood, enthusiasm. For the second week already faded out, you need to look for something extraordinary. With the climate we have never had a problem. This is one of the strengths of “Ear”. We have a friendly team. People come and go, but the attitude does not change.

The next gathering will be different. Another approach, other friendlies, the other calendar. We will do paired matches. For the players the second one will be nicer.

This will be the first spring for the “Ear” in the Premier League. Other rivals, specifics, plans for the matches. In the first League of heavy fields, artificial, team closed. A couple of times we played on ice with teams, which task consisted in a draw. Now we want to improve the results in the spring.

We slightly changed the preparation, see the results, whether it was correct. I hope that is not our maximum, we add, the fees will benefit newcomers will benefit. All show spring matches. We get to play when there is no pressure. In training camp rarely played. But in official matches a lot psychology”.

In the standings of the Premier League Kolos struggling for a place in the top six.


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