He earned a new power system for the Ukrainian military: what to feed and how much it costs

In Zhytomyr 199 training center moved to the new system. Now the military will choose themselves what they eat. Chefs offer at least two meals, for example, or meat, or fish. From the Soviet system and modern Desk also different fighters and the availability of fruits and sauces with spices.
In the diet of the military also became much more meat, and the nutritional value of lunch has increased by more than a thousand calories. Changed and the taste of food.
Added a lot of spices that allows to make this dish much tastier fruit. Also for Breakfast, lunch, dinner, we give dairy products and fruit juices, – said the head of food service 199 airborne training center Victor Baluk.
This qualitative improvement in power supply also affected the prices. Earlier in the day powered by one of the military spent 60 hryvnia, now almost 90.
To reform the system of power in the Ministry of defence undertook at the end of June. Then defense Minister Stepan Poltorak promised that before the end of the year changes will feel at least 20% of the units. However, October and Zhytomir military base yet the only one which has implemented a new food.


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