Have CIV bidlo-Vodiy vignau ditio s bus, pasageri not whitemale: video gorstko of procurance

today, 12:39

Have CIV driver of a Shuttle bus sprobuvav pozbutisya from 12-ronago passengers s bike, but pasageri zastupilsya for ditinu. Vdova video swaki incident publle in simeri Facebook have Pablo “Kyiv Operativni”.

Yak podomatic, lad s small bike sayshow the bus No. 115, which slbwa for route “Kontraktova Ploscha” – “Zaliznychnyi station “Darnitsa””. Vodw TSE is not spodobalosya, and he sayadaw dwellers passenger s bike leaving the bus. Have answer dytyna stating scho bike perevozit possible, so Yak VIN : sportivnym inventaram. Wherein hlopina pocas razbirate sviy transportni sasb. TSE is not zaspokoi Voda – VIN visov because Kerma, saying, what bike are guilty Buti in cohl, I sprobuvav vistawhat of detiny s bus.

115 bus (no. 4736), gone kid (12 years old in appearance) with a mini-bike. Behind him rushed into the huge salon of the carrier and began to use force to guy to come out, like the hardened criminal of some kind. At the same time saying that it is impossible with such a “Bicycle”.
Is this the norm?

Geplaatst door Kiev Operational op Dinsdag 21 januari 2020

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Investigation of asagiri oberen povedinka Voda I sajidali from Demba obov wykonujace pram yazki, ie to drive the bus, not vistawhat of detini. Tim bilshe scho Yogo bike really vdova norms of transportation of Luggage.

“T. Yogo lawyer?.. Ti mene at a party… He ncadi not page…” – stating of the driver passengers, that was sajidali hlopchiki.

Wherein the conductor, Yak takozh spostarla for podyi in conflct not trochlea, saying only, scho “CIR’t argue with success”.

Have resultat vodw had postupitsya I salesite detenu in spoka.

Nagado, pid Lviv, marshrutni I passenger bestowal dick makhalova, the reason you rossit.

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