Have a strong surplus of LPG

In Ukraine began to get cheaper petrol. On average, a liter worth UAH 12.5. From may to mid-July the price was stable. Fuel cost a bit more than 13 UAH/liter.

— Traditionally, the gas is cheaper in winter and more expensive in summer. This is due to the increasing demand for fuel. However, each year have some anomalies. Today gas is cheap thanks to low purchasing price of fuel in June. Second, influences the exchange rate, — says the analyst of “Consulting group A-95” Artem Kuyun, 34. Ukraine imports gas from Russia and Kazakhstan. Monthly purchase about 140 thousand tons.

In may, the information appeared that in the summer will reduce the supply. Therefore, the traders purchased more gas. This despite the fact that we have from the beginning, the market was already a surplus of this fuel. June delivery decreased, but only slightly. In July of LPG would come more. Powerful now have a surplus of fuel. Therefore, the gas sell cheaper. For the end user — it’s not bad. However, providers incur losses. To compensate for the loss, they will reduce purchases. The LPG will go up at the smallest changes in the market. The next two weeks could increase the price to 13 hryvnia. At the same time, the deficit of LPG should be expected. In Ukraine it imported in sufficient quantities.

In Ukraine, in comparison with other European countries, natural gas vehicles consume less. In the past year bought it at 25-28 percent more. This year sales have grown on average by 5 percent.


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