Hassle and pressure: the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk unveiled the realities of life in the city

So-called local “authorities” unrecognized by any of the “Donetsk people’s Republic” is preparing for military action, because they do not want to end any war, but the inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk are in no hurry to join the ranks of the terrorists.
About this last one said resource in the comments Today.
“On TV constantly pumped, they say, “war is not over, need to fight, to revenge, to seize”. In General, the hassle and pressure. People just calmed down a bit after a truce. Although a truce when the city constantly shooting somewhere,” said Elena.
According to her, the militants don’t want to finish anything and only want to fight.
“But they have all run away. So I want to gather all the men who stayed and worked in Donetsk, and throw them into battle” — says the woman.
Also the edition notes that in trams and trolley buses have long been calls for men to visit the recruiting office and “synchronize personal data”, and this in turn is perceived by the male population of the city as “come and join the army of DNR”.
Meanwhile, another Donetsk resident, Dmitry notes that in schools weekly practiced the so-called “anxiety” and teach your children how to evacuate, though in the past six months, this was not observed.
Note that the residents of Donetsk not in a hurry to join the ranks of the terrorists, though they often crush so-called “leaders” at all levels.
None of the leaders of the “Republic” — whether “the speaker” Denis Pushilin, whether any of the “Ministers” — not in a hurry to the front with weapons. Neither they nor their children, they do not go to war. And our, therefore, it is necessary! Prepare from childhood “cannon fodder” — all camp some military organize lessons head clog that we should go to war — outraged resident of Donetsk Jeanne.
In addition, the publication reports that even after the “nationalization” of enterprises in the occupied Donbas idea of the mass arrival of the unemployed “army “DNR” actively sounded among the militants, has failed, the people did not go.
“At the same time on local channels constantly tell us about some of the terrible acts of Ukraine, and how bad it is to live a simple people, and at the same time are encouraged to join the ranks of militants to counter the Western world, which wants to enslave us. Recently began to forcibly herded into the military. I have a friend the doctor, whom the hospital was forced to go to register in the military,” — said Donetsk resident Andrey.

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