Halloween-2017: when and how to celebrate the spooky holiday

Halloween in 2017, will celebrate traditionally on the night of 31 October to 1 November. In Ukraine this holiday is every year becoming more and more popular in particular due to arkesh traditions.
People dress up in scary costumes on Halloween and scaring passers-by. But where did this holiday?
The History Of Halloween
Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic harvest holiday and day of the dead. The tradition originated over 2000 years ago. The ancient Celts lived on the territory of modern Britain, has divided the year into two parts – light and dark (summer and winter). And when the dark part of the changed light (at the end of October), the Celts started noisy celebrations – Samhain. The traditional colours of Halloween are black, symbolizing death and the darkness of the night, and orange – a symbol of harvest in the past year.
The symbolic colors of Halloween are black and orange
After the adoption of Christianity in the ninth century November 1, began to celebrate all saints Day. The date coincided with the pagan Samhain. In English this day is called “All Hallow’s Eve” and if you cut, then Halloween.
In the US, Halloween was brought by immigrants from Britain in the late twentieth century. Today, mass in the world this day is celebrated in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. In the United States being a Federal holiday, Halloween is second only that to Christmas in popularity.
Halloween Traditions
Halloween has many interesting traditions that are passed down from year to year. Children dress up in scary costumes and walk around the neighborhood begging for candy. All well-known famous phrase from American movies: “trick or treat!”.
Unchanged slogan of Halloween is “trick or treat”
Today, the tradition of dressing in scary costumes and adults took. Scary makeup, Ghost costume or some kind of monster, and even better, that the clothes were more “blood”, a spooky voice and you’re ready to party on Halloween! By the way, a holiday in Ukraine has become so popular that a Halloween party suits almost every restaurant in Kiev and other major cities.
Halloween also decorate their houses with pumpkins, faux cobwebs and other themed decorations. In this scary atmosphere, telling scary stories and viewing horror films.
A special tradition is the carving of Jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. According to legend, an Irish blacksmith named Jack was able twice to cheat the devil and take his promise to abandon the assault on his soul. This protected the blacksmith from falling after death into hell, but in Paradise he did not and was forced to wander the earth waiting for judgment day. Your way Jack was covered with a piece of coal, which was hiding from the weather inside the empty pumpkin. English pumpkin with a candle inside is called – Jack-o-Lantern, which means “the lamp of Jack”.
The Halloween pumpkin 2017 easy to do with their hands

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