Half a million hryvnias of a salary and allowances: how much the head of the NACP earned from the beginning of 2017

The salary and allowances of the President of the National Agency for prevention of corruption for the period from 1 January to 13 June 2017 amount to 529 837 USD.
This information was provided by NACP in response to the request of “Radio Liberty”.
In particular, in January Natalia Korchak received a salary in the amount 66138 UAH, in February – 81627 hryvnia in March – 70496 hryvnia in April – 81627 hryvnias and in may – 84431 hryvnia. The salary for the first half of June was 40800 hryvnia.
As of 1 January 2017 the head Nazka established allowance for years of service 50% of which is From 1 January to 13 June accrued on the amount 140718 hryvnia.

By the way, for 2016 Natalia Korchak has declared an annual salary in NACP in the amount of 1,325 million.

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