Green holidays 2017: traditions, rituals, what herbs Holy Trinity

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Green holidays 2017


In the Orthodox calendar, June is a special date on which notice of the believers: Trinity 2017.

Trinity in Ukraine Christians look forward to, because it is a joyful celebration on the verge of spring and summer – the Holy Trinity that joined the canons of Christian and pagan traditions, as, indeed, almost every traditional occasion.

Holy Trinity 2017: what holiday and how will the rest of the Ukrainians

Most major holidays in the Church calendar are transitional, that is, those that depend on Easter, which this year was April 16. Therefore, answering the question of when a Trinity in 2017, reported the Trinity falls on June 4. The Holy Trinity is celebrated 50 days after the resurrection of Christ. Therefore, the holiday is also called Pentecost.

Trinity: tradition

Holy Trinity day – the birthday of the Christian Church, on mount Zion found his first Church, the first converts and preachers . Whitsun in people called Green, Graney or Cicalini. The tradition of the Trinity say that believers attend Sunday service to commemorate relatives, especially the dead with their boots on. On the holiday it is customary to receive and entertain guests, to visit relatives. Restrictions for dishes no. The only tradition – a round loaf, symbolizing the unity of the family.

Green green in the summer holidays to celebrate by decorating their homes fragrant plants, green branches, fragrant wildflowers. And now it is accepted to put on the floor or to put in vases so-called “potions”.

What herbs are blessed on Pentecost?

It is primarily flowers, mostly field, and bouquets made of fragrant herbs and green branches of trees: birch, Linden, maple, oak, Rowan and sweet, mint, lemon balm, and the like. The house is filled with fresh grass, which Trinity has a special power: protected the house from the dark forces.

Also traditionally organise games on the Trinity. However, it is important to remember not Sunday at Trinity to swim in the water, so the mermaid can Saneguti to the bottom (at least so they say).

The Holy Trinity: the tradition of celebrating

Greens symbolize in the folk tradition at Trinity life and after dead branches are made to burn. But the most important decoration on the Trinity is birch twigs, which are placed at the Windows in the house. Birch is considered a symbol of purity, chastity, as it is anciently called the sign displaying the approaching summer, so it has long been a part of the tradition of the feast of the Trinity.

Tradition at Trinity, implying that all believers will attend Church on this day. Interestingly, wild flowers and branches adorn not only houses and apartments, but also the floors of the temple where prayers and praise God.

What can you do at Trinity

Christians should try to use a day off not only for a picnic in the countryside, but also in order to remember the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles after the Lord’s disciples spoke different languages and sold around the world to tell about Jesus Christ. Just at the feast of the Trinity can gather the whole family around a big table any restrictions in food during the day no.

What not to do at Trinity

The nation’s a lot of talk about what not to do on the Trinity. Many of the prohibitions make you smile, because they are associated with paganism and have no relationship to the Holy occasion. They say that the Trinity is impossible to perform physical work, as well as clean the house, sew, or to start a big wash. Such activity is not sinful, but it is believed that household vanity should not distract us from the main essence of the holiday.

Young parents are interested in the question of whether to baptize the child on the Trinity. Certain restrictions on baptism on this day no, but due to the fact that the Church will be the festive service important procedure can transfer to a more suitable period. Therefore, it is better to plan a christening not on Pentecost Sunday.

About whether it is possible for the Trinity to go to the cemetery, talking incessantly. But all unanimously agree on the opinion that this day should go to Church and to cemetery allocate a special memorial days.

Ceremonies at Trinity and weaving wreaths

Earlier in the day it was customary to hold mass celebrations – the program was part of the rites of the Trinity. The young people sang songs, danced, bonfires and even wondered. On this day young men are seriously looking after yourself brides. But it’s worth noting that girls could choose in the feast of the bridegroom. To do this, all the single girls wove wreaths on the trio and put them on the head of someone who was dear to them. This rite is for the Trinity was a kind of engagement.

But divination took the form of games and were held in ponds. Girls wove wreaths on the Trinity and threw them in the river. Whose wreath on all float away, the girl first of all get married. Often such a prediction came true, so the next generation of women performed the same rites on the Trinity.

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