Gravitational waves bring wealth

Gravitational waves and black holes – anomalous sources denegrate moneylenders and traders showed that to make the science they can not worse than the market. The study of “gravitational waves” and “black holes” promises of endless enrichment for fraudsters even in the subsequent fifty years…


MSU: Chernoberezhskii science from ozone holes to holes the black!

Author – A. A. Zvorykin

Fuss of the Nobel Committee that diminishes the scientific value of the Nobel prize, world humanity witnessed in the past quarter century about the infamous “ozone holes”.

For about a pseudoscientific concept of tekhnogennoi “ozone holes” American “scientists” have received during this time from Rockefeller clan at least 15 Nobel prizes with zero scientific result for the destiny of mankind. Fraudulent manipulation of the theory of global warming, allow you to master the half a trillion(!) of dollars a year .

The development of the huge budgets for the study of “gravitational waves” and the fabulous “black holes” promises of endless enrichment for scams from science in the subsequent fifty years! However, told the President of Russia, the rector of the story of the discovery of the merger of two black holes into one big “hole” requires the latter explanation.

Since October 3, 2017 there has been a long anticipated event – the scientists waited for him for more than 100 years: the Nobel Committee announced the award of the Nobel prize in physics for 2017 “for the discovery of gravitational waves” a group of three scientists-Americans.

In explanation of this event of cosmic proportions additionally it is reported that on February 11, 2016 at a large conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the article albert Einsteinin which the great humanist was presented to the world and society developed by him (with no mention of other co – sponsors, the Hilbert) the General theory of relativity (GTR), which indicated the existence of gravitational waves (although since the publication of the Maxwell theory of the electromagnetic field, everyone knew that there must be gravitational field and its products – GV) and the finite size of the Schwarzschild sphere collapsible to the point material body, which later the epigones singular state of space-time was called the “black hole”, it was officially announced “the opening of GV”.

In the presence of more than one thousand supporters of the “Black hole” of the 15 countries the main living ideologists of this direction , TRC Thorpe announced that GW was recorded on 14 September 2015, the observation result of the merger of two black holes with masses 29 and 36 solar masses, respectively, in one large “hole” with a mass of 62 of the mass of the Sun, and the excess energy in 3 the mass of the Sun has moved into the energy of the GW, which is, after 1.3 billion years after the merger of the “holes” made up of the LIGO detector (LIGO – Laser interferometric gravitational Observatory).

This event and speech Thorpe was named “the official announcement of the opening of GW”. Accordingly, the facts stated by K. Torp Assembly, which was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the release of historical articles on GW, and presented the rector to the President on “the event on a cosmic scale, open the “group of Braginsky“, which coincide in the minutest detail; then there is a question about the pioneer guards, and why Nobel prize for 2017 was awarded only to Thorpe and his American companions, and isn’t that the MSU rector Sadovnichy, meant that the “group of Braginsky” “pulls” for the Nobel prize.

Was, as always for the Nobel wise men: own shirt closer to the body. The Gardian at the end of September 2015, said that Thorpe did not pass soon, the Nobel prize. It’s been two years and Thorpe “associates” got the judges. Interestingly, the “discovery” of Thorpe and his group was accompanied by a demonstration of the “sounds emitted by the “black hole”. As you know, in the vacuum of Space can propagate only transverse wave oscillations, and is not subject to longitudinal sound waves that supposedly came from the source GW, located at a distance of 1.3 billion years from the recording of their tape K. Thorpe; accordingly, it recorded something else?

The Project LIGO for the opening GW has old new history: in 1983, in America, begins lobbying budget for the construction of an appropriate instrument on the part of supporters of the “Black hole”, the society which was named the international community of scientists and practitioners; among them were a brother-academicians of the USSR Livshitsawho participated in the historic conversation of the summer of 1977 from the General Secretary in the Old square about the future of “black holes”.

Immediately after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, American scientists “discover” the signs of the existence of GW, and in 1993 received another Nobel prize. Since then, the case for recognition of “black holes” went faster, and on the eve of the 113th anniversary of the birth of Einstein , the American Ministry of science, called the National Fund, given the budget for the construction of the GW detector.

In 2002 was established the Headquarters of LIGO, located at Caltech, which focus the Central processing observations with a staff of 900 scientists and specialists, including 8 scientists from the so-called Moscow collaboration LIGO from MSU. The Observatory had two working sites in Livingston (Louisiana and Hanford (Washington), spaced at a distance of 3 thousand km from each other where the GW detectors. GW detectors represented a giant interferometers Michelson (as American Nobel prize winner for creation of the interferometer its name), each of which consists of two equal length optical axes are oriented perpendicular to each other.

In this device the deaf optical mirrors as the actual Michelson interferometer was replaced with the interferometer Fabry-Perot (IFP), which had as optical mirrors, giant mirrors with a diameter of 34 cm and a weight of 40 kg each, and base optical IFP (the length of the Fabry-Perot) was 4 km.

In General, each giant Michelson interferometer placed in underground evacuated the building, consisting of two tunnels with a length of 4 km each and the control room, which housed a continuous laser with a power of emitted radiation at 20 W and a semi-silvered mirror, which split the beam of laser light exactly in half; the evacuation of the interferometer and containing tunnels necessary in order to avoid acoustic interference, for example, blowing your nose or sneezing of employees from the staff, as well as more powerful acoustic noise of a random nature.

From the description of the project LIGO, it follows that the method of signal detection from passing through the GW interferometer is the combination of the method of measuring the frequency of the beats that occur when misalignment of the lengths of the shoulders of the same interferometer, and the method of coincidence of the signal beating to discriminate against random noise and shock of other origin. Currently, the frequency sensitive measurement of the amplitude billions of times, allowing you to make them on the basis of the time standards, the accuracy of which, until recently, in the order of magnitude reached values of 1•10-15; according to American data, the LIGO project, the accuracy of frequency measurements was increased by 6 orders of magnitude or 1 million times.

Accordingly, the receiving part of the signal equipment had to be spaced at a distance of several thousand kilometers. If successful, this project group Thorpe provided for the placement of interferometers at a distance of 5 million km apart in space, using satellites. Accordingly, after October 3, 2017 they can afford it. The optical axis of the laser sites in Livingston and Hanford were on the same straight and was oriented in the direction of Australia, which then allowed the pioneers of the guards to claim that the radiation source is GW, that is, the notorious confluence of the two “black holes” into one big “hole” was somewhere in the area of the Magellanic clouds.

However, it is known that the Magellanic clouds are two – Large and Small – what we are talking about the so-called satellite galaxies of our Galaxy, the milky way, which is the Sun at a distance of about 200 million years from the Sun; meanwhile, the location of the merging black holes are defined by the discoverers GW in 1.3 billion years, that is 7 times further away. It should also be noted that Hanford is the most famous American “atomic city.” In this mysterious city, as if to keep the secret nuclear weapons of the United States! But the real indications of production of uranium and plutonium, are not detected by neither the intelligence nor the agents, because of the lack thereof.

Where was forged the American “nuclear shield” and where are the American gas centrifuge and nuclear reactors, which gave, respectively, the uranium for “Little one” on Hiroshima and the plutonium for “Fat man” to Nagasaki. The world is unknown? In place of scientific industrial complexes, thick forests and appliances Chernodarov. That the US and other masters from the countries of the non-existent “nuclear club” bluffing since 1945 and depict the existence of nuclear weapons and capabilities to produce components for its reproduction frighten mankind with the nightmares of the atomic bombings in fact never possessed nuclear technology, the newspaper “the President” persistently publishes materials for three years.

Gravitational waves faster than the speed of light?!

By the way, to date it is unknown where and from which was made the first American atomic bomb “Trinity” (Troitsa), tested in new Mexico July 17, 1945. Thus, one of the LIGO instruments were placed on closed Federal nuclear site in Hanford in the utmost secrecy. It was also noted that the open guards were used the results of which lasted from March 2006 computer simulation (computer-aided design of pictures hypothetical scenarios of merging black holes), demanded during this time of continuous operation of hundreds of computers Caltech.

According to the discoverers of the GW event, allowing you to fix this fact, was that the GW detectors at Livingston and Hanford simultaneously recorded the beat signal with a changing carrier frequency from 35 to 250 Hz, with the frequency profiles of these signals while overlapping each other (for example, on the screen of storage oscilloscope) in General coincided, but were separated in time by 7 MS. This fact was interpreted by Thorpe “associates”, as the passage of the front guards sequentially, first through one detector, then through the second.

In this case, explorers of GW should be congratulated and with another discovery: they refuted the claim of Einsteinthat the speed of propagation of the GW is equal to the speed of light, because their data detectors allow you to determine the speed of the GW, as vгр. = (3000 km/7ms) = 430 thousand km/s, where L = 3000 km – the distance between the detectors, t = 7 msec – the time delay between the signals of both detectors by passing through them front guards.

Thus, Thorpe “associates” found that the speed of propagation of the GW is equal to vгр. = 430 thousand km/s and greater than the speed of light c, and c = 300 thousand km/s.

Accordingly, in the experiment, the collaboration LIGO confirmed as he thinks Thorpe, the physical essence of General relativity the existence of gravitational waves, however, “a group of Thorpe” rejected a HUNDRED, that is, the special theory of relativity, or special relativity, as he called her Einstein after the publication of the above article with the provisions of the GRT, and who felt that it is a simple consequence of General relativity. Therefore, collaboration LIGO its interpretation of the coincidence of signals beating on the detectors completely rejected modern physics, the base of which lies the special theory of relativity (str) with the postulate of the impossibility in the nature of speeds greater than the speed of light, not of General relativity.

In America now generate thermal and electric energy for the population, more than 80 nuclear power reactors, which are based on the conversion into this useful power of the so-called effect of the mass defect, and the fact of its existence and calculate its magnitude, and hence the calculation of the installed capacity of nuclear power plants, are a consequence of the special theory of relativity and the constancy of the speed of light and the impossibility of the transmission of physical interaction faster than the speed of light. Thus, the exclamation of M. Zuckerbergerthat was heard around the world, addressed to the participants of the collaboration LIGO on the occasion of receiving the honorary title of those pioneers GW – “Einstein would be proud of you” – should be considered as false.

First, they refuted a HUNDRED, established by Einstein in a scientific paper in 1905, that is, for 11 years before General relativity.

Secondly, in the will of a great humanist stated his last wish of scattering ashes in the unknown for humanity, because, according to his closest, childhood friend, M. Basso, Einstein the rest of your life tormented by feelings of shame and remorse for their participation in the Manhattan project, receiving $ 25 a day for what it’s created weapons of mass destruction.

Thirdly, the existence of the guards opens the way for the creation of generators of gravitational waves, gragerov, the most perfect weapon of destruction against what has always made great humanist.

Unlike nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, destroying all the objects that are on the surface of the planet, the radiation of Grazer simply torn apart the planet, not only destroying all life on the planet, but the planet itself. Apparently, the gravitational radiation is destructive only affects the rigid body and does not destroy the plasma body, like stars, where there are powerful magnetic fields that prevent the expansion of the plasma under the action of disturbing forces.

Academician A. A. Logunov has shown that in General relativity are not met, as the law of conservation of energy-momentum, so the principle of causality. Since GRT and not non-physical field theory, as evidenced by the correspondence between two of the greatest scientists and mathematician of the Hilbert and physicist Einstein, because he past has always stressed that is not good at math and used in difficult cases to aid the great mathematicians of his contemporaries, somehow, Minkowski and M. Grassman of formulating one HUNDRED and Hilbert to formulate General relativity.

The latter circumstance gave rise to allegations of Einstein’s plagiarism when he published on 11 February 1916 article in a scientific journal on General relativity no mention of his collaborator, the mathematician Hilbert. Hilbert and before this article, and after its publication have always argued that General relativity is a purely mathematical concept that is not applicable to physical reality. The fact that mathematics deals with objects of the abstract nature, called in philosophical language universal; accordingly, mathematics establishes relationships between tonalnosti, universal concepts, creating the illusion of the uninitiated, and thus establishes a link between General concepts and concrete objects, or isolated, according to the philosophy.

Thus, Einstein believed that General relativity creates relationships between General and specific in nature, but that these relationships were established, specific science, as indicated by Hilbert; in particular science establishes the nature of the existence of a special concept, its relationship to the universal (nature in General) and individual concepts (the specific subject). It turned out that in General relativity, which operates on multidimensional spaces there is no principle that establishes the relation between an event occurring in one part, and the action of other parts, or, how to burn of mathematics, there is no marking space, and, as physicists say, into a multidimensional hyperspace of General relativity does not respect the principle of causality, that is, General relativity is essentially a non-physical theory.

Accordingly, to establish a cause-effect relationship in the framework of General relativity between the fact of the merger of two black holes, located at a distance of 1.3 billion years from the observer – Thorpe and the Nobel Committee – is not possible; such a connection is installed within the physical theories of gravity, i.e., operator of Minkowski space and propagating in the space-time of various physical, including gravitational, fields. Otherwise, the Nobel Committee gave an award for the cosmic alchemy.

However, it is necessary to note the trend in cyclicity for the award of the Nobel prizes, which is directly associated with the election of “American science” expressed by a number of awards, but not a scientific significance of the papers marked by them. We are talking about what the American dance around the “ozone holes” over and they should be expected a new round around a new brand of “black holes” with the expected duration of also 20 years.

This means that the Russian members of the party “Black hole” is to be expected for the period 4 – 5 Nobel prizes with the best candidates – the rector and the “group of Braginsky”. We can advise the rector to include panoncillo in the Moscow collaborators LIGO, for example, as an honorary member, or, as expressed by the members of the Senate of ancient Rome, “father of the nation”.

Thorpe “associates” stated that of the observed square of the sky area of 600 square angular degrees “the direction of the Magellanic clouds” after fixing the detectors LIGO synchronous signals beating with the passing of time 7 MS also recorded outbreak of x-ray radiation power of 10 W the 42 with a delay from the front of a hypothetical GW fixed at 0.4 MS, and that this allows the two events to merge into one, which gave rise to the initial radiation of GW power 10 49 watts, which received their energy from the alleged defect of the masses of the merging black holes into one big hole, that is, in the 3 mass of the Sun.

Part of this energy allegedly and caught the LIGO detectors after 1.3 billion years after the merger as the impact of the front guards on them. According to the chief ideologue of the “black holes” events on a cosmic scale and it is characterized by such combined pulses of emitted energy of different quality and nature of such differences in the magnitude of the emitted energy. In addition, it was stated that the nature of the pattern of beats is shown that the “hole” rotates one beside the other in a counterclockwise direction. Meanwhile it is known that the relative motion creates the opposite nature of this movement in their own coordinate systems, rotating bodies: for example, in everyday experience of the human observer the Sun revolves in a clockwise direction – from East to West, whereas in reality the Earth rotates from West to East.

In addition, no one has refuted philosopher Occam, who lived in Europe in the thirteenth century and claimed to explain the nature one should not multiply entities. Accordingly, counterclockwise rotation of merging black holes one aim and distract humanity from the true nature of gravitational waves.

The statement that the fluctuations of the metric of space-time hyperspace black hole generates a gravitational wave, is complete nonsense. For this it is necessary to know the structure of space-time and motion mechanism of the front, that is the metric of curved space-time in multidimensional hyperspace. In General relativity this is impossible, because the mathematical apparatus of tensor calculus that describes the subjective images in General relativity, extends throughout the Universe; he is dealing with the abstract infinite values, total concepts for describing the Cosmos as a whole; accordingly, the speed of propagation of the deformations of the metric of space – time in General relativity is infinite, and such a theory is not a field and have no physical meaning, but are only transitory a product of subjective thinking.

The rotation of the black holes around each other is needed for pulling the old idea that only the acceleration of bodies gives rise to gravity, and such bodies, which has a large quadrupole moment. So, the pioneer of experimental physics at the capture of the “black holes”, Professor Joseph Weber of the USA built the first such detector of the huge metal cylindrical blanks with a diameter of 1 m and a length of 2 m. In this case, the largest quadrupole effect in the case of GW effect on the disc observed in the fall of the front guards on her face, that produces the largest quadrupole moment, and hence the deformation in its thickness that register detector of mechanical stresses in it.

As can be seen in the experience of LIGO length sensitive detector body was raised more than a thousand times, up to 4 km, and the involvement of the concepts of “acceleration” and “quadrupole moment” is not needed. Indeed, to date there is no generally accepted opinion about the existence of the concept of “acceleration” in gr.

There is also no understanding of the fact how the structures of such costly tools to confirm General relativity and its product, “black holes”. The experimental rationale of these ideological representations in physics began in 1919 with a triumphant “confirmation” FROM the fact of measurement A. Eddington secular displacement of the orbit of mercury in the gravitational field of the Sun based on data from the Einstein’s article of February 11, 1916 about the basics of General relativity. Soon Italian physicists have explained this effect in terms of the theory of gravitation of Newton, but the wave of the triumphant success of General relativity and its Creator has spread further and wider.

In a strange way, but such a sensitive instrument as the detector LIGO, which establishes the existence of black holes and the emitted GW sverhdorogih at cosmological distances, billions of light years (or 5•1016 km), finds gravitational waves at a distance of 50 million km (or 5•107 km) from the Earth, that is 1 billion times closer, though almost a century ago, an ardent admirer of General relativity from England, the physicist A. Eddington, on a routine instrument$ 100 establishes a fact, “confirming General relativity”.

American pragmatism is to be commended. If Russia is currently the most popular children’s toy is rotating from the batteries bearing in America is the home of the gravitational wave detector with a respective laser interferometer purely American origin of the design of the Nobel laureate Michelson, a computer simulation of a black hole and its radiation with the sounds and moans from the merger of black holes, reminiscent of the American national anthem, “Yankee Doodle” and a personal computer for processing events on a cosmic scale.

A. A. Zvorykin, member of the Russian Chemical society named after D. I. Mendeleev, Ph. D. (applied physics), inventor




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