Grapes feed in the fall


– You can’t put grapes in the winter without makeup, – says 53-year-old Igor Shwaluk from the village Pulyno Zhytomyr region. Without fertilizer, the vine will wither. In the fall it will not see, and in the spring the result will be disastrous.

Mix 25 g of potassium sulfate and superphosphate. This will be enough for 1 sq. m of land. Dig a trench depth of 50 cm at a distance of 80 cm from the Bush. Fertilizer bags and wraps. Two weeks later insulates the vine for the winter. Doing this on a dry day after the first frost. Only two days with temperatures of -5 to 8°C.

– Do not cover the vine with soil. This is an extreme case, when there is nothing else. It’s the same with film. Underneath the plant decomposes, there is mold and fungus. The vine is safer kept under the pillow. It is convenient to ventilate when the thaw begins, lifting his covering.

Binds the vine in bunches. Digs ditches around them. They prepared bags of grapes and apply stones. Covering with agrotextile, or pine branches. So Bush is breathable and does not decomposes. Do not climb in the needles of the mouse.

– From all types of recharge for the vine recognize only the humus, – says Yuriy Lysyuk from the village of Babin Illinetskyi district of Vinnytsia region. – Buried it in trenches and ready. Vine gradually pulls out of the desired substance.

In the aisle digging a trench depth of 50 cm filling It with humus.

This year the weather was unstable. Rode from rain to heat. Who does not have time to process from mildew and oidium, it was damaged bushes. These fungi are the biggest enemies of the grape. I don’t expect to have to cut spoiled the vine. Treated in advance to prevent. That’s just opened warming in the winter – just sprayed with iron sulphate at the naked vine. It helps to cheat frozen, and the vine started to grow. Also kills fungi. Following treatment with turnicidae – on the fifth leaf, after flowering, and the last time three weeks before harvest.

Grape growers for 10 years. Has 100 varieties.

In recent years, gardeners praise varieties of Milan and Transformation. The first blue, the other pink. The transformation doesn’t disappoint anyone. No matter cultivated a professional or grower-lover. The grade of the brush is tapered, with close-knit berries. They are long with pointed end. The pulp is fleshy, skin is thin. Bunch weighs up to a kilogram. Milan also has a good harvest. But the berries are short, round as balls.


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