Granulators “Artmas” for the manufacture of feed pellets and fuel pellets

“Last year, my employer reminded me of the dumping of sawdust. A lot of work, so time to clean and in the oven we don’t have to. So it was spread throughout the territory, prevented to load the boards in the machine. But learned from a friend that in Europe stoked pellets from sawdust and interested. It turned out that we, too, can purchase a pelletizer and make money from waste”, – says the businessman Alexey Garmash.

Granulating machine converts granular products, Prodanova mass through the die holes. Outlet sleep neat oblong granules, ready to use.


Here is a productive mini-line from the “Artmax”, which will help to make pellets from any biomass

“I consulted with professionals and purchased a pellet mill of the company “Artmax”. Since sawdust granular, hired two more workers. And work all missing, and the territory became tidier. Now drown themselves in the winter pellets and neighboring businesses sell.”, – says Alex.

In OOO “Artmas” all the equipment for farming and livestock produced in our own factory with the mandatory inspection technicians control. To products have long been used, the dimensions of the mechanisms are controlled by up to a percent of a millimeter. Most parts are made on machine tools with numerical control (CNC, CNC).

“Often we receive calls from potential customers saying that our products are more expensive than the competition. This is due to the high quality products and modern production methods. For example, in our company matrix is not drilled by hand and use the CNC machines. Therefore, the ready output is ideally located holes and equal bridges between them. In addition, this matrix is made of steel, which is saturated with chromium, and hardened to a hardness of 58-60 units. This ensures the stability of the material during prolonged use,” says the Director of “Artmas”.


At the exhibition “АГРО2019” interested farmers used the opportunity to consult with representatives of the manufacturer

To see products manufacturer on agro-industrial exhibition “agro”, which the company attends annually, or at the factory, because “Artmas” welcomes guests. The full list of equipment: automated lines (almost mini-plants) for the granulation of feed and the production of fuel pellets, rail lumberjacks unique design, grinders, dry food etc.

“Artmas” received the European quality certificate “Certificate of Compliance”, so the products meet the requirements of technical regulations of the European Union and is marked with a special CE mark. In addition, the firm has many differences, confirming the quality of the equipment.

OOO “Artmas” is one of the rare companies who care about the interests of the buyer.


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