GPU suspect handed the judge Vovk

Judge Paul Vovka handed suspicion. Photo:

The Chairman of the District administrative court of Kiev Pavel Vovk got the suspicion from the GPU that interfered in the work of the High qualifications Commission of judges.

Wolf is also a suspect in other possible crimes, writes “Ukrainian truth”.

Judge Ivan Shepitko, Igor Pogrebnichko and Eugene Ablov also received subpoenas. On 2 August they came to the Prosecutor General to interrogate, and to take away suspicion.

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In the published agendas of suspicion, in addition to the pressure for the CCG relate to the abuse of power, fraud, forgery and malpractice, the illegal obstruction of rallies, resolutions knowingly unjust decisions, suggestions, or bribery, interference in the work of the automated workflow court.

Near the main entrance to the Prosecutor General’s office is continuing an action against the head of the office of special investigations Sergey Gorbatyuk, which deals, in particular, the case of the District administrative court. Gorbatyuk from the demand to investigate the killings on Maidan. At the same time, some protesters hiding their faces from journalists and refusing to answer questions.

The Chairman of the District administrative court of Kyiv Vovk Paul calls the falsification of the conversations that are recorded and published NABOO. Audio allegedly recorded conversations of judges OASK, appearing in the case of intervention in other authorities.


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