Google prematurely called Putin the winner of the election – 2018

Funny, though quite realistic, the prophecy was given Sunday, January 14, the search engine Google. When prompted to “elections in 2018” (the same as in the English version – “election 2018 russia”, and in German: “präsidentschaftswahl russland 2018”, although here it does not matter) on the page of the issue appears result: Winner is Vladimir Putin.


While trying to find information about the upcoming presidential elections in Russia in the territory of the Russian Federation is issued to users that such information:

The results in Google refers to the data of “Wikipedia”. However, in most electronic library no such ugliness there. The Wiki article is devoted to the description of the electoral process, it identifies the main candidates for participation in the vote.

Users of social networks indicate that this is not the only “herd” in the search engine results for a given query.

Yeah, the Google keyboard there is still a fallback

— Alexander (@Random1911) 14 Jan 2018.

On the eve of Putin’s election headquarters, said that in support of the incumbent, who is running as an independent candidate, has already collected 500 thousand signatures in the required minimum of 300 thousand. While Putin’s supporters have stated that they intend to print another several hundred thousand signature sheets: once people want to support their candidate, let him have the opportunity.

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