Google has retouched the creepy humanoid caught on his card

Panoramic images obtained from Google Street View and similar projects often become a pretext for a broad discussion on the Internet and even the emergence of conspiracy theories. Recently another example of this was a strange humanoid creature on the balcony of an apartment house, got on a panoramic image in Nancy in North-Eastern France.

Being brown has a rather unusual body proportions, long hair, big eyes and a piercing gaze that seems directed right into the picture. A mysterious monster has quickly become a popular topic for discussion in the Internet.

One of the most popular assumptions has been that in fact, “humanoid” is a statue related to the Polynesian culture, or simply do not have the cultural values of the figure, is installed with the purpose to scare passers-by (and, in this case, cope with the problem better than you might expect). However, some were more “fantastic” version, assuming that the creature is accidentally caught in the frame as an alien or mythological creature.

Some time later, after the began to gain popularity in the Internet, it was retouched — a mysterious figure appeared “washed out”, becoming more colored squares . However, this provoked a new surge of interest in the unusual image. Some Internet users began to say that at first did not attach importance to the unusual object, but began to suspect something unusual when he tried to deliberately hide.

It is worth noting that a kind of “censorship” is, to some extent, is an integral part of Google Street View — for example, people’s faces and numbers of vehicles retouched his pictures automatically for privacy reasons. Sometimes the “overwritten” and other objects that sometimes degrades the image quality.

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