Good Friday 2017: meaning, signs, incantations, rituals and prayers

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Good Friday 2017


In order to understand what is good Friday and what it should mean for us – to remember the events that took place exactly two thousand years ago.

Good Friday is one of the most important periods in front of the bright feast of the Resurrection, when people remember the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, and postpone any physical activity. We will tell you about traditions, customs, rituals, conspiracies and superstitions of good Friday, an important day before Easter in 2017.

Which means good Friday before Easter 2017

And yet, what does good Friday before Easter for us – people who live in the modern world? On Good Friday in 2017, according to tradition, it is important to remember the crucifixion and suffering of Jesus Christ on the cross. During this period, Christians remember that preceded the Ascension of Christ the terrible agony, death and burial .

Maundy Thursday 2017: omens of wealth, spells and rituals for unmarried diosaccidae fully

Good Friday services read twelve gospel passages that tell of those events on the Israeli Calvary’s hill. According to tradition, on Good Friday you cannot work, walk to entertainment events and arrange dense meals. For those who observe lent, good Friday is the most strict day diet food. On Good Friday, some significantly limit your diet and eat only bread with water.

Removal of the shroud on Good Friday: when to make and how much

On Good Friday in the Church is Liturgy, because on this day Jesus sacrificed Himself for the people. Instead, read the gospel about the suffering of Christ. Also during the service, at the third hour of the day, exactly on time, endure Shroud – cards with the image of Jesus lying in the tomb. Take out the shroud from the altar and set in the center of the temple on the hill, decorated with flowers and anointed with incense. In the evening on Good Friday is the second service, during which believers stand with candles in hand, the Shroud is carried around the temple.

Good Friday 2017: prayer

On Good Friday there are no special prayers, because the day you need to read passages from the gospel which tell of the sufferings of Christ. We can carefully listen to the divine services and hymns, repeating them to myself.

This day contains the coffin Containing the creature hand, covers rock covered dobrodeteli heaven, Life sleeps and hell trembles, and Adam from the bonds allowed. Glory to Thy Providence, they have performed all the rest eternal, grant thou us, o God, all Holy from the dead Your resurrection.

Good Friday: what you can and cannot

Since ancient times, in this day of the week women it was forbidden to sew, to spin and clean, but men do not cut wood and set aside the hatchet. I wonder what was the work that you can perform is the preparation of cakes and planting in the garden or in the field.

Easter 2017: when baking cakes and painted auracite fully

The cake, which was baked in the home oven, covered the sacred willow. It is then used as a talisman against evil spirits, ward off all the bad. Good Friday is always an auspicious time to harvest was good, so on this day, I have been trying posati a little dill or peas. But to put nothing as stuck in the land of iron objects at this day, carry the trouble.

Signs on Good Friday in 2017

Good Friday – the signs and the customs of this day – it is said that bread baked on good Friday, not moldy, and can even cure diseases. After the Friday service on Good Friday, you can bring home 12 burning candles and to extinguish them before they burn down to the end. According to the sign on Good Friday, it will bring into your home prosperity and wealth for the whole year.

Remember once and for all, that Good Friday on signs not to spit on the ground. People say say they who spit on the ground, the entire year the saints will turn away.

Plots on Good Friday

There is one custom on Good Friday, which is performed in order that the house never had a quarrel, and all members of the family lived peacefully, without any disorders. When you bake cakes, you need to roll dough a small “gingerbread man” and then bake it place by Easter. When it is ready, one half need to bite and eat, and second store in the course of the year. It is desirable to hide it behind an icon, saying such a conspiracy on Good Friday: “Lord, save, save, protect. Now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.”

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