Generous 2018 year (and previous too): top luxury real estate Ukrainian officials

In 2018, thanks to a journalistic investigation became aware of a number of elite real estate of Ukrainian people’s deputies, government officials and those in power, which they “forgot” to amend the Declaration or carefully copied for relatives. Revision 24 of the channel has prepared a selection of the current investigation, which shocked us.
1. Family Semochko

In 2016, the letter signed by the head of the economic counterintelligence security service of Ukraine Sergey Semochko stopped the sale in Ukraine of essential drugs for dialysis. The pharmaceutical company called it the pressure of the SBU due to the withdrawal of “service” kickbacks on sales. Two years later the family Sbushnika there were three houses with a total area of almost 1.5 thousand square meters in the elite Koncha-Zaspa cost of about $ 8 million. These assets, according to the investigation, cannot be explained by official income relatives counterintelligence.

We are talking about the house on 333 “square” with a large garden around. Officially it is in February 2016 purchased by a woman named Tatiana Lysenko. Investigation shows that most likely Tatiana Lysenko’s wife Semochko.

The family home Semochko 333 “square”

Far from the home of Tatiana Lysenko there are two more large home, newly decorated stepdaughter Semochko – Anastasia. A year ago, she bought the house on 367 square meters in the neighborhood with Yuri Artjuhova, ex-zamglavy SBU and the head of Department on fight against corruption. Previously, the house was put up for sale for two million dollars.

However, the house for $ 2 million – not the most expensive that he had purchased that winter by Anastasia. Nearby there is another closed campus. In January 2017, on it there issue mansion at 670 “squares”.

Stepdaughter Semochko bought the estate for almost 700 “squares”

The journalists of the program “Our money with Denys Bigus” analyzed the income of the entire family for the last 8 years and have not found a realistic option legal source of such income. Personal official income of Semochko, classified together with the Declaration. However, the salaries of the heads of service (specified in the declarations of three years ago) indicate: the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak (1.5 thousand dollars per month) would have to make a house Semochko 120 years. First Deputy Hrytsak Malikov and Demchina 83 years and 138 years, respectively.

We will remind, in July of 2018, Semochko appointed first Deputy Chairman of the foreign intelligence Service. At the same time, most of his family members – citizens of Russia.

2. Poroshenko Family

MP of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, the son of the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Poroshenko received a gift from his father Petro Poroshenko part of the rights of ownership to a dwelling house with outbuildings with an area of 1.3 thousand square meters in the village of Kozin, Kiev region. This is evidenced by information in electronic Declaration of significant changes in assets, filed by Alexey Poroshenko.

The estate of the family Poroshenko in Kozyn

So, according to these data, the cost of the right of ownership of the house is at 9.53 million. Date of acquisition of the relevant rights – 7 August 2018.

The estate of the family Poroshenko in Kozyn

We will add that according to the Declaration over the past years, Petro Poroshenko owned a house in Kozin alone. The value of the home in December 2012 was estimated at 30 million. The President lives in Kozyn with the family.

3. Family Lyashko

6 November 2017 mother of the leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko Love Lyashko issued certificate of ownership of the apartment area of 77 square meters and 14 meter Parking in the capital the cave.

The property is located in a new building on the street of Eugene Konovalets, 36-E. Now prices per square meter in this house start from 31 thousand hryvnias, that is the approximate cost of an apartment of Love Lyashko is 2.4 million. However, according to information from the Register of rights to immovable property in the apartment and Parking the mother of MP invested at the stage of construction, so they could get it somewhat cheaper.

The approximate cost of the apartment of the mother Lyashko is 2.4 million hryvnia

Before retirement Love Lyashko lived in the village of Varva, Chernihiv, where he worked as a boiler operator at a gas processing plant. The mother of the main radical of the country never had no business, and her income is 1600 UAH per month pension.

Previously, the program “Our money with Denys Bigus” already examined the state of Oleg Lyashko recorded on numerous relatives. In particular, in the story of Hope burdey said that in 2008, Love Lyashko received free from the Vyshgorodsky district state administration 2 hectares of land. Then they were divided into smaller parcels and sold for development. Now Love Pavlovna remained of 0.84 hectares. She also acquired 72 acres of land in the village of Pukhivka, near Kiev. The total cost of all the plots of Love Lyashko is estimated at about 3 million.

In 2012, the mother of the Deputy bought three apartments of 100 square meters each in the house business class in the centre of Yevhen Konovalets, a 36-V. However, the following year they were all sold and now she has left there is only one 13-foot cars.

Lyashko’s mom

At the beginning of 2017 Love Lyashko became the owner of two-bedroom apartments cost about 1.5 million in the new building on the street Boris Hmyria 10/40. Also she decorated the house unknown square in the village of bohdanivka, Kiev region.

The leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko in 2018, sold his apartment for 16 million UAH previous regional Ryzhenkov Alexander.

4. Family Pavelko

Andriy Pavelko is the head of the budget Committee and concurrently Chairman of the football Federation of Ukraine. Although officially he’s single, after the controversial publication of a photo on which the child in the cabin luxury cars plays with the Champions League trophy in a public space began to say that the girl is the stepdaughter Pavelko, and her mother Catherine Chaus – law wife of a Deputy.

Maybe Lisa Chaus – stepdaughter Pavelko

In return for the 2017 Pavelko did not indicate any property in ownership or use. However, due to the revision of social networks, the journalists found the room in which they lived for almost two years – an elite new building in the center of Kiev.

Pavelko lived with his family in a luxury building

Detail photos – the pattern on the floor, chairs and the interior of the apartment – journalists found this apartment.

Obviously, journalists have tapped into that apartment

Now the apartment is rented for 17 thousand dollars a month, and the cost of its purchase more than $ 2 million. The price is due to the fact that the room is 320 square meters decorated with a coating of electroplated gold with separate room for closet, fireplace and a wine Cabinet. Based on the photographs of Catherine in social networks, the Pavelko family has lived there for at least two years. As indicated on the website of the real estate price, rent in this period amounted to nearly half a million dollars.

Proposed family apartment Pavelko

5. The Family Of Holodnitsky

This year it became known as the current head of SAP Nazar Holodnitsky very lucky. He and his family received free five sites near Kiev with a total area of almost half a hectare. Four of them are located on the territory of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky district, where Holodnitsky worked as a Prosecutor.

If more, then in 2012 Golodnitsky received free two plots in the village Belogorodka of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, with an area of 0.1 and 0.12 hectare. A year later, the sister of Anna Golodnitsky, which is already 20 years living in Italy, also received free in the property of two land plots on the territory of Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district – in the village of mykhailivka-Rubezhivka (0.15 hectare) in the village of Khodosivka (0.11 hectare ). In 2016, the sister inherited one plot, previously also for free received the mother of Holodnitsky in the Makarov district of Kyiv region.

Nazar Holodnitsky

In General Nazar Golodnitsky and his sister own 12 properties. 8 of them are located on the territory of Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area. In the area where Nazar Golodnitsky worked as a Prosecutor. Among them – the private apartment of the anti-corruption Prosecutor in the city of Cherry from the developer “Watercolors”. It is the owner of the company “Watercolors” and mayor Cherry Ilya dickov, with whom he previously worked Nazar Golodnitsky, are involved in a criminal investigation of the bribery of the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun.

Also, the sister and mother of the current head of SAP in 2013-2014, when Holodnitsky worked in the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky Prosecutor’s office, acquired in the area directly near Kiev two apartments from the same developer – OOO “foreign SERVICE” on 183 and 125 square meters. In addition, the sister of Holodnitsky in 2017 purchased apartment in the village of kryukovshchina. Flat purchased under the equity participation agreement, signed also in 2013.

By the way, this is not all the real estate in Lviv, the family owns two flats and a residential home.

6. Family Lutsenko

In April 2018 activist Maxim Kostecki posted a photo of the large estate of the family of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko.

Decided to reveal to you the Holy of holies. Summer house CPA and TI (Center of counteraction of corruption and Transparency international – 24 channel). Here we conduct corporate events. Accidentally not included in the Declaration
– joked Maxim Kostecki in the note to the photo.

In the photo the house in the exclusive village car Park near Kiev where lives father-in-law Lutsenko. Building on over 800 square metres of realtors estimated at $ 1 million.

The family home of Lutsenko

According to Vitaly Shabunin, father Lutsenko and close does not have such income. The house is registered to the father of Iryna Lutsenko, Stepan Arabica.

7. Family Gerashchenko

As it turned out, 62-year-old Alex Chamber pays for rent for family the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. The cost of renting an apartment, according to the realtor, up to 3 thousand dollars a month.

The apartment of 190 square meters in one of the most famous buildings in the center of Kiev, the family of Anton Gerashchenko has entered the second year of his becoming an MP in 2016. In the same year, the father-in-law of the people’s Deputy Alexey Sambur registered PE in “scientific activities” and began to Fund the residence of son-in-law.

It is our common-law decision, we are satisfied,
– commented program the situation the people’s Deputy Gerashchenko.

The reporters found that Alex Chamber resides in Poltava.

According to the program, Alex Chamber about 10 years of not received income, and in 2016, I managed to earn about 270 thousand UAH. At the same time, his expenses for the rental of the apartment in which he lives exceed half a million. In addition, about one million Sambur in the same year of 2016 laid out for the SUV Santa Fe, which is used Gerashchenko.

Apartment Gerashchenko located in a new building in Pechersk

The people’s Deputy in comments the program noted that the father pays your rent with savings, but how earned, could not tell.

8. Family Coca

On June 22, President Petro Poroshenko appointed a new Chairman of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration. He became major-General of the security Service of Ukraine Oleksandr KUCI. Since the Declaration of the employees of the SBU are classified, the reporters Bihus.Info researched his condition with the help of public sources.

In September 2017, father, brother and Catherine Cuci, which probably accounts for the General’s wife, founded in the village Lisnyky near Kyiv, the service cooperative “Garden community “Manor”. The owners of the 90-meter building, which was a legal entity, and 10 acres of land under it were children Coca – Anastasia and Alexander. The property was donated to them on 6 December 2017.

However, that day, Anastasia and Alexander KUCI received and much more interesting gift – the apartment has an area of 98 square meters in a residential complex business-class “French quarter”. The price of a similar three bedroom apartments here start from 44 thousand hryvnia per square meter, so the cost of this room is about 4.3 million.

Residential complex business-class “French quarter”

9. Family Petrenko

The niece of the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, Bozena Clichy after his appointment became the owner of two apartments in a luxury residential complex in Pechersk and Lexus NX200.

Apartments Bozena, Click

If more, three years ago the niece of the Minister of justice acquired the assets, the current market value of which was about 7 million, although own income on such acquisition it was not. At that time, the girl was a student and only worked as a Junior economist and an assistant accountant.

It is now known that both of the girl acquired in 2015. This one bedroom apartment 85 square meters in the Kiev residential complex “Panorama” on the street of Eugene Konovalets, 44A. Similar apartments now worth about 3.5 million. And one bedroom apartment 65 square meters in the house on the street of Eugene Konovalets, 36-In, their estimated cost now – 2,5 million hryvnias. Despite the fact that in one of the two written to her apartments the girl lives, she lives in the third, Mama’s on the Boulevard Shevchenko.

10. The icing on the cake – a foreign estate

Deputy home on the Cote d’azur of France and the Golden Sands of Spain has estimated the analysts of the project “Declaration.”

The record number and the total area of overseas real estate was the people’s Deputy from the party “Opposition bloc” Vadim Novinsky. He and his family owns about six hectares of land and five apartments with a total area 996,3 per square meter in Russia. Also on the territory of our Northern neighbor Novinsky owns 453-foot non-residential premises, 79-foot garage and an unfinished residential building unknown area.

Vadim Novinsky

Three plots of land, two villas with an area of 1056 and 337 square metres in France and the 332-meter apartment in Greece recorded at the company, the beneficiary of which is Yulia liovochkina. The same Greek apartments through its Cypriot offshore company BROVE HOLDINGS LIMITED owns her brother Sergey Levochkin. He also declared that use of the 1056-foot sister Villa on the Cote d’azur. The cost of the latter is estimated at 40 million euros, but until it is seized by a French court.

15 acres of land and 459-foot commercial office building in Latvia owned by the wife and daughter of a bronze medal ranking – MP Yaroslav dubnevich. 270-foot building and 16 acres of land in Germany declared that the scandalous people’s Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt.

The firm Treck Coast Holding S. L., the first Deputy of the faction “block of Petro Poroshenko” Igor Kononenko recorded 539-meter house in Spain. Also, the MP declared apartments unknown area in France that rents his daughter Olga, who is studying there in one of the most prestigious institutes of fashion and design in the world – Istituto Marangoni.

Private house with area of 455 square meters is in Spain and the people’s Deputy Alexander Gerega with his wife. But parliamentarians Eugene rybczynski and Maksim Efimov, in turn, prefer United States of America. The first declared that there is a 450-meter building for the use of his wife, and the second owns the 279-foot apartment, and another 117-meter is in the process of construction.

Four apartments and a garage in Bulgaria and declared the people’s Deputy from the party “Vidrodzhennya” and concurrently Chairman of the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine Anton Kisse. But the wife of people’s Deputy Ruslan Demchak for three consecutive years leases 355-meter house in the UK.

In 2017, the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk, according to the journalist Alexander Dubinsky, bought an apartment in London for 766 thousand pounds (28.8 million hryvnia), but did not specify in its Declaration.

Possible house danyluk in London

In its own investigation, published on the website of, the journalist writes that in December 2017, the wife of the Minister Olga danyluk was registered at unknown the address previously in London: 100 Greencroft Gardens flat 2, London NW6 3PH. In the list of tenants was also identified himself Alexander danyluk. However, information on the possession or use of a dwelling in the Declaration of the Ukrainian Minister is not reflected.

In the same 2017, the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arseniy Avakov in 2017 became the owner of a Villa on the Mediterranean coast in Italy through the company Ferdico S. R. L. Villa in the municipality of San Felice Circeo has 26 rooms in the building with an area of 566 meters on the ground floor, first floor and basement. The approximate cost of the Villa Avakov, according to the calculator on the website is around 774 thousand euros.

Avakov Villa in Italy has a pool

The most popular country in the number of real estate was Russia. There are elected officials own 13 properties. 11 of them belong to the above-mentioned MP Novinsky, another 220-foot flat cars and has there the wife of the Chairman of the faction “the Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko.

On the second place on popularity was France (9 objects of real estate), and the third – Bulgaria (6 objects). This is followed by Spain and the United States. In these countries, the deputies declared for 5 objects. In General, in 2017, 24 of the people’s deputies indicated in their declarations 55 of immovable property in 15 foreign countries.

The material is prepared according to the investigations of the program “Our money with Denys Bigus”.

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