Gattuso appointed deadline to the end of 2018

Gattuso appointed deadline to the end of 2018
10:52 Telegraph Today sports news: the User Gattuso gave Milan three games to rectify the situation.

“Milan” while doing the job on the season and remains in the top 4 of the championship of Italy, which guarantees a place in the Champions League, but the management are unhappy with the game and the latest results.

The team of Gennaro Gattuso in the last 5 rounds of Serie A only got one win, so the coach is under threat of dismissal.

It is reported that the coach was given time until the end of December, and Milan during this time, you need to play well against Fiorentina, “Frosinone”, and “Slept”.

Earlier contender for post of the coach called Arsene Wenger, however it is doubtful that an experienced specialist will want to take up work in the middle of the season.

Milan dramatic flew past Europa League: highlights of the game against Olympiakos (Video)

Among other options is called Roberto Donadoni played.

Earlier it was reported that UEFA has passed the decision concerning the conformity of the Milan rules of financial fair play.

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