Futsal. Euro 2018. Hard Ukraine defeated Belgium

The national team of Ukraine on football


Sports Arena

One goal in the first half was enough for the national team of Ukraine in preparation for futsalroo Euro 2018 to beat opponents from Belgium.

The only goal in the match Ukraine managed to score late in the first half — one of many attacks ended with a long shot of Sergey Koval. It into the far corner — no chance for the goalie, 1:0.

Could the blue and yellow to enter the break with a more comfortable lead, as the hosts had an incredible advantage. Blow the post noted Serez Zhurba, several times powerfully punched Nicholas Gritsyna. The Belgians made several good attacks after the goal, but no more.

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Really dangerous began to attack the Red Devils after the break. Guests spent at least five excellent counterattacks, but always on the top was Eugene Iwanyk . The goalkeeper has reflected, at least two one-on-one, and then after it saves, the ball hit krestovinu. At the end of the match Belgians played with a field player, but to blow it never did.

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I could, of course, to score the hosts who continued had the territorial advantage, but the ball persistently did not go into the goal. Especially dangerous was Mykola bilotserkivets, but his shots lacked the accuracy, and reliably operated by the goalkeeper.

In the end, the minimal victory of Ukraine with the score 1:0. Not the most pleasant start from blue and yellow, but the three points taken — and this is important.

Ukraine — Belgium 1:0

Goals: Smith (15)

Ukraine: Ivanac — Cheporniuk, Koval, Zhurba, Belotserkovets — Shoturma, M. Gritsyna, N. Gritsyna, Razuvanov — Novak, Pedas, Zvarich, Korsun — Zipun.

Belgium: Zemmouri — Chibi, Yasha, ITU Dhabi-Red Shikandi, Kaddouri, Raha, Al ‘ Umari — Adnan, Cooley, Saaf Moran.

Warning: Zhurba (20) — Rahu (28).

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