From Zelensky called the specific grounds for the dissolution of Parliament

The speaker of the newly elected President Dmitry Razumkov said the reasons that give Zelensky grounds for dissolution of the Ukrainian Parliament.

In the program “Right to rule” he said that the reasons are very clear and they are written in the law.

“One of these assumptions is the absence of a coalition, from my point of view, the coalition today, no. Because the two coalition factions today, there are 226 people’s deputies”, – Razumkov.

According to him, various commercial and public organizations, and MPs also sent queries in which, in particular, asked Mr. Parubiy to provide a list of names of coalition.

Why the Ukrainian people can not understand, who is part of the coalition that is responsible for all the actions that carries the Parliament? The answer is no. If we are talking about the formal reason – it is the place to be
he said the team Zelensky.

He also did not support the idea of deputies to vote for the bill “On the President”. According to him, the document will considerably reduce the powers of the newly elected President.

“Planned to remove almost all of the powers and to turn the President of the country at a nominal figure. That wouldn’t have given him to fulfill even those pledges that were given during the election campaign,” said Razumkov.

The basic conditions for the dissolution of Parliament



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