From the Mongol-Tatar until Crimea is returned: what is taught in the Academy of the General staff

Military Academy of the General staff (VAGSH) of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation of December 8, marks the 185th anniversary of the founding of. Throughout the entire time she considered the forefront of national military science. Here is trained the elite of the officer corps of Russia, in addition, the Academy is a smithy of military personnel and dozens of foreign countries. On the eve of the anniversary of the journalists met with the head of the Academy Colonel-General Vladimir Zarucnicki, appointed to this position in late November.

Photo: mil.ru

At the meeting, Zarucnicki joked that also celebrates anniversary: exactly a week as he entered the office of the chief VAGSH.

I was graduated from this Academy and understand what lives and how does this unique team.

According to him, the main value of the Academy is its research and teaching staff. So, the Academy employs 55 doctors of Sciences, 189 candidates of Sciences, 41 Professor, associate professors 114. Today, the Academy conducted a thorough analysis of the results of contemporary armed conflicts, summarizes the experience of combat and operational training of troops. Everything is new and instructive from the point of view of the art of war is included in the educational process. Teachers of Academy participate in all activities of the operational training conducted in the army, including in strategic exercises, they also perform special tasks in Syria.

— Of course, there is the interest, as the Syrian experience applies to us. I want to emphasize that this experience is embedded in the educational process of the Academy. The most significant area of training with regard to the Syrian experience are: creation of groups of troops in remote theatres of operations in the short term, the planning of the regrouping of troops over great distances and full their software, and management during combat operations, told Zarucnicki.

Speaking about the training of foreign military specialists, the chief said that now in VAGSH study 92 foreign troops from 17 countries. Since the formation of VAGSH in 1939 by the Academy prepared 4021 foreign specialist.

— It should be noted that the level of education, which today gives the Academy of foreign military personnel, not provided any overseas Academy, and it is a recognized fact. The Academy gives the education system, foreign complexiry achievements of military science with the achievements of Soviet military science. In the educational process are being introduced all the innovations in the field of the construction and use of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the armies of the leading foreign countries. Our educational programs are built taking into account the wishes of the customer, i.e. of the armies of foreign States whose soldiers are training with us. We can easily adapt to whatever standards we have in this plan, has accumulated considerable experience, — said Zarucnicki.

He noted that the Academy is not focused on NATO standards.

— We are only talking about the realization that developed over many centuries in military science and practice, we give the basics of strategy and operational art, not just tactics, as is customary in foreign colleges and academies of the US and NATO. The Academy attracts foreign customers by the highest level of operational and strategic training. This level secured all the military history of our country — from fighting the Mongol invaders before surgery for the reunification of the Crimea, — said the General.

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