From Nebi happened crash: plate not znajshli spline MOV

Strenna over Church DAT

today, 06:10

From 1996 year Neznana nazemnyh the MOU prispelo to aviakatastrofe, Yak mayzhe took the life of 350 people, respond Telegram-channel “One day in the past.”

Yak podomatic, litak Avani Saudia Arab Saudi Arabian Airlines in Nebi over the capital Nd new Del stovpova s Board kazahstansko avakompas Kazakhstan Airlines. Obidva ltci pramugari Tim by the route, the prot from RSN hips.

Hi Saudis plate, an kazakhstansk not Volodi angliskoy movoyu that just don’t smugly poyasnite ADN one svoï name. In resultat ltci stoppolini she fell to the ground. Us 349 Pasaieru clev CAV ltakv zaginul.

Nagumo scho driscreen USA Mike Pompeo as podomi about those scho Ukraine USA zaproponowali his relief in Rosslyn padna lthaca MAU bilya Tehran.

Yak povidomlyav portal Znayu, Ukrainian litak MAU popelkova sbila Ranska rocket – ZMI.

Also Znayu writing about the accident Ukrayinsky ltake in Iran: the povna hronca scho I known that.

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