From Bucharest to arrest?


The premiere meeting of the temporary investigative Commission in the “case of Andriy Pavelko” had a bright and notable speakers, to allow everyone to understand the corruption aspect of the activities of the head of the national football Association in the Verkhovna Rada was engaged in close and earnest

Hopefully, the findings of a comprehensive impartial investigation will be made public in the near future. Follow the verdicts and the relevant law enforcement agencies – like the answers to a lot of accumulated questions about the omissions in the history, has long been is an open secret.

Something tells me will have to answer myself Pavelko, and – to the fullest extent. To get rid claims that all the charges against the consequence and consequence – fake, football embezzler is unlikely to succeed. As hardly anyone moved, another bombastic statements in its midst a Facebook account.

Read the posts of Andrei Vasilevich in the social network – it is time not only to shed a tear for the fact, to what heights reached domestic football, but also to recall the phrase of Ostap Bender: “the most Interesting man! All you have to order. Amazing! So happy and free!..”

What Facebook told us that on the day of the meeting of VSK Pavelko went to Bucharest to decide the fate of football in Europe and to take a well-deserved (as he says) congratulations, on the occasion of the success of the national team in UEFA Euro 2020 (and at the same time – at the end of the victory youth team in the U20 world Cup, well, about all the other faybusovich them great achievements).

“You guys, lie, tell, investigate, and me “in Paris on the case quickly,” I had you all in mind, together with your Commission, with your Supreme Rada!..” Those who wanted to – he had read between the lines the pathos of this message the official, still confident in his own infallibility, immunity and armor football indulgences.

All he has in mind for that year, all of the above being snooty about, all puffing cheeks puffier and more feeling themselves part of international sports (ie, intellectual and cultural) elite. Being unable to learn the lessons of history, he revels in power, deceived her about eternity and permanence. And even more so – about his election.

Does not need to be Messiah to the Deputy mandate to gut the state Treasury, to put the lid on the small factory for the production of lime weed to be simultaneously in two places – where you are elected to the UEFA Executive Committee, and where your personal map vote for another law.

Exclusivity implies not only purity of soul and clarity of mind. If you know your worst is not able neither to conceal nor to explain the clarity only in the fact that before the Messiah to you as far as the before mentioned Ostap Bender Shura Balaganov pickpocket.

Associated with participation in the UEFA bragging only adds to the comic Andriy Pavelko – involved in several criminal investigations. And on the question of European football sidelines – “what’s up?” – him reply: “Proceedings – the Prosecutor.” At least here, does not lie…