Fourcade left and it’s sad. But it is better to remember how great was his career (video, photos)

Martin Fourcade / Photos

Exactly 10 years ago Martin Fourcade won his first victory at the world Cup – won the pursuit race in Kontiolahti. 14 Mar 2020. Same place, same discipline. But this He finished not, young and ambitious, and already experienced and award-winning. The king of biathlon.

He was sprayed with champagne, and after the awards ceremony, staged a championship sendoff. The Frenchman deserved it. His career was amazing.

Et la célébration du staff des Bleus pour Martin Fourcade avec… une chute sans gravité #lequipeBIATHLON

— la chaine L’équipe (@lachainelequipe) March 14, 2020

Martin was born in Sere village in the Pyrenees, in southwest France. He grew up in a sports atmosphere, but before you go for the biathlon, snowboarding and hockey.

Fourcade Sr. said he was uncomfortable to carry sons Martin and Simon hockey and therefore was transferred to the ski. Subsequently, the eldest of the brothers moved to biathlon and Junior reached for him. The father of the men told me that in her childhood they were like cat and dog, but the sport seemed to bring them closer and became friends.

Childhood was the determining factor in Martin’s life, not only in terms of sport. He met his future wife Helen in the age of 13 (she was 14). These relationships helped the Frenchman over his career, but at age 20 he escaped from the base of the French national team and was ready to finish. But the girl decided to go meet him, he moved closer to her lover and let him do the work to which his heart desired.

Fourcade started the international performance in 2006 and the following season won bronze at the Junior world championship, but not in the individual race and the relay. In 2008, the Frenchman joined the world Cup – four penalties and 61st place. But biathlon is not a sport 19-year-old biathletes, so Martin had to say about yourself later.

However, the first victory of the Frenchman was close. The following season he was the finisher of the team of France in östersund. The first place – and stick to celebrate, flew into the air.

It’s only been two months and the Frenchman became the author of loud sensation – silver performances in mass start at the Olympic games in Vancouver. The father and mother came to Canada to support Simon and Martin. The younger son made three mistakes, but even they did not stop to climb a pedestal.

That’s just Simon, it was not easy to accept the fact that my brother, who walked in his footsteps, were always playing catch-up, now proved to be the center of attention. But this was only the beginning of a great convergence Martin.

That season the Frenchman finished in 24th place in the overall standings of the world Cup next year was the fifth, then third, and then dominated the race for the Big Crystal globe for seven seasons in a row.

Fourcade 13 times world champion in biathlon and in 2016 in Oslo was close to win a Grand slam – to collect gold medals in all four individual races, but if the individual race, sprint and pursuit he was subjected to in the mass start Johannes boe bypassed the Frenchman by less than three seconds.

However, it is no secret that the most important thing in the biathlon – the Olympic games. Vancouver was an early, hands-free application. But Sochi has shown, the full power of Martin. In the sprint the victory remained with the Emperor of biathlon OLE Einar Bjoerndalen, but He bounced back on the pursuit, and then with a penalty won and independents. Mass start – silver, photo-finish left the Frenchman in second. And it was just a stupid smile to watch in Pyeongchang in 2018 the situation in the mass start was repeated again and again Fourcade photo-finish, but now his favor is a win. In Korea he won two more gold and seemed to be able to leave at the peak, with three medals on his chest. But I didn’t.

Photos by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

He remained in biathlon and seemed lost. But after the last disastrous season for us for another year returned the same star French. He won two gold medals in Antholz and gave us a struggle for the Big Crystal globe until the last shooting of the season. Though lost it in two points.

It’s a shame only one. The career of the great Frenchman ended in an empty stadium. But the coronavirus is very cruel, it does not bend even under the authority of such persons as the King of biathlon, Martin Fourcade.

PS and he also gave medals of the world Cup fans, has written an autobiography, led a column in L’equipe, spoke out against doping, he does photography, is extremely active in social media (or even dependent on them), writes poetry, has a DNA mutation (one of the secrets of his success), runs a charity and has two daughters.

P. P. S. the sport will not be without Pursuit. He could not deceive the fans in his farewell:

My thirst for competition has not disappeared, but now it would appear otherwise. Passion for sports remains, and I want to stay in this universe. I want to pay tribute to those who helped me a lot during these 20 years in biathlon.


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