Found oldest case of cancer

Experts from the natural history Museum in Berlin, discovered signs of bone cancer at a turtle, its age is about 240 million years.

As shown by the results of the study, the ancestor of modern turtles, which lived in the Triassic period, was an extremely malignant tumor arising on the femur, writes EurekAlert!

Its characteristics are consistent with modern disease periosteal blood osteosarcoma in humans. This type of tumor is usually located on the surface of the bones, characterized by rapid development and gives early metastasis – secondary tumor foci.

Scientists find cancer in ancient turtles

In 2016, it was reported that an international group of researchers under the leadership of scientists from the South African Republic, reported the discovery of the bones of the foot with malignant tumor by the age of 1.7 million years.

At that time it was the oldest evidence of cancer was found by paleontologists. According to the researchers, their discovery was the evidence that cancer is not solely the result of modern lifestyle and environmental exposures.

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