Found evidence that education extends the life, and the extra weight reduces

A group of researchers from Britain under the leadership of Peter Joshi (Joshi Peter), representing the University of Edinburgh, studied the influence of various factors on life expectancy. As it turned out, a direct role to play not only bad habits, and obesity, but the number of years a person devotes to education.

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The study found that each lost pound of excess weight prolongs life on average by two months, and every year on obtaining higher education for a year (in the messages on this topic does not specify for what number of years this dependence remains).

While scientists admit that education can prolong life rather indirectly — according to the authors of the new work, a lot of time to dedicate to training representatives of the same population, which are characterized by a great concern for a healthy lifestyle, and this “coincidence” leads to the fact that among the educated, there are more centenarians .

However, it is worth noting that earlier some experts also found the relationship between life expectancy and education, has suggested that these indicators can be linked and more immediate way — get a large amount of knowledge, the person maintains their brain “sharp” and develops it in the long run can prevent the development of neurodegenerative diseases and have a beneficial impact on overall health.

Among other factors affecting life expectancy, scientists have named the addiction to Smoking, high levels of depression, and so on.

The authors of the new work, published in the journal Nature Communications, hopes that their findings will help to find new and effective ways of extending life expectancy on the planet.

Previously, other scientists came to the conclusion that even with the development of medicine the chances of men to live past 114 years, and women – more 115,7 year remain extremely low, however, the chances of surviving to this age thanks to the achievements of progress are continuously increasing.

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