Fortuna return the debt. Zorya – Dynamo – 2:3. 23 tour (VIDEO)


ZORYA – DYNAMO – 2:3 (1:0)

Goals: CARAVAN (White), 32 – 1:0. WHITE, 54 – 2:0. BUYALSKY (Tsygankov), 58 – 2:1. TSYGANKOV (penalty), 63 – 2:2. TSYGANKOV (penalty kick), 82 – 2:3.

“Zarya” (Lugansk): Makharadze And 5.5. Karavayev (K) is 6.0. Lytvyn is 5.5. WHITE – 6.0 mm. Cheberko to 5.5. Cossacks is 5.5. Silas – 5,5 (Norton, 60 – 5,0). Bondage – 5,5 (Checher, 71 – 5,0). Khomchenovskyy – 6.0 mm. Lunev – 5,0. Budkovskyy – 5,0 (I., 77 – 5,0).

“Dynamo” (Kiev): Boyko – 6.0 Mm. KENDZERA to 5.5. Shabanov is 5.5. Kadar is 4.5. Mikolenko – 6.0 mm. Shepelev – 6.0 mm. Buyalsky – 6,5 (Sidorchuk, 90+4 – b/o). TSYGANKOV (K) is 6.5. Shaparenko Is 5.5 (Garmash, 46 – 6,0). Verbic – 6.0 mm. Rusin – 5,5 (Sidley, 46 And 5.5).

Penalties: Shaparenko, 39. Silas, 43. Budkovskyy 46. Kadar, 48. KENDZERA, 56. Lunev, 56. Bondage, 61. White, 63. Checher, 81. Buyalsky, 84. Verbic, 90+1. (warnings). Kadar, 54 (deletion, second warning). White, 69 (delete).

Chances: 5 – 3.

Shots (on target): 13 (6) – 13 (5).

Corner: 8 – 5.

Referees: kopiivs’ka (Kropiwnicki). Korniyko (Mirgorod), Alekhin (Moscow).

April 3. Zaporizhia. “Slavutich-Arena”. 9 degrees. 7238 viewers (up 11 756).

Purple hematoma on the thigh, in which I flew a week and a half ago my knee Croatian striker Ante Rebić, some time not allowed Tamas Kadar to even stay on his feet. However, on Friday the Dynamo after a prescribed by doctors procedures he came to the first practice, jokingly thanked the Premier League for postponing the presidential election, and yesterday appeared in the starting lineup for the match against Zorya. And was one of the worst match in Dynamo t-shirt.

Anyway, Alexander Khatskevich was able to solve the puzzle in the centre of defence where you don’t have time to recover Hungarian, would remain only one nominal defender Artem Shabanov – Mykyta Burda miss the match in Kiev from-for search of cards. Transfer of Serhiy Sydorchuk from the defensive zone the coach was not necessary, but the candidate of the centre-forward, he took at first not the most obvious solution.

It would seem, on the surface lay in the fall triggered the idea of sending at the forefront Benjamin Verbicha with simultaneous determination of the left extreme of the only remaining now in command of the Brazilian – Sickle. However, a new chance, it was decided to give Nazario Rusin – the one before the pause for the national teams has scored the decisive goal against Olimpik infrequent earning praise from head coach.

The expected scheme Khatskevich addressed only in the second half, in which guests came out, already being behind…


Yuriy vernydub probably wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t convince my players that the bronze race “Alexandria” is still relevant. With Dynamo he had to play no bust cards son Vitaliy, which clearly weakened the centre of defence, plus leased from Kiev, and miss a duel under the contract, Bohdan Mykhailychenko, Alexander Timika (this created problems protective flanks) and Bogdan Ledneva. The infirmary remained Artem Gromov and Levan Arveladze.

Right in the end it was Alexander Karavayev, who returned from national team with two cuts, one of which had stitches. Left – Eugene Cheberko. In the middle of the field for the first time since first minutes there was a former captain of the Dynamo youth team Maxim of Cossacks, Dmytro Khomchenovskyy, accustomed to play on the wing, showed up in the center, just behind Philip Budkovskiy.

Khomchenovskyy involved in the attack immediately, on the third turnover of second hand by running the ball over the crossbar. Maxim Lunev nod of the head made to come into play Denys Boyko, and Silas, attempting to penetrate from ten meters, was nearly deafened Shabanova. The hosts were active, however to open the account could visit. The first time bursting into the penalty area, Rusin appeared with zauri Makharadze eye to eye, but to dispose of the ball properly and failed, and on the second try it caught and hooked Maxim White.

Even at first glance, the moment pulled on a penalty kick, but the referee had fallen forward not even glancing back. The game continued, with each minute becoming more stringent. Moments became less and ready to flare up tensions – much more. Victor kopiivs’ka scurried between them with a stern expression, but the card until then tried to operate.


Midway through the first half the game became more meaningful. Khomchenovskyy nearly scored by running the ball into the top corner – smartly turned it over the crossbar. Not pospavshy over their rivals kádár resorted to the last argument – fouls organizing “the Dawn” the most dangerous “standard” front line Dynamo’s penalty area. Like and cost ricocheted from wall to the corner, but after the filing of the checkbox and the short draw Silas threw the ball closer to goal. And then…

Who would have expected that has swept to kick the ball White crossing in the fall Karavaev, and he will be completely without care? Acrobatic pirouette captain of “Dawn” stumped and standing next to Tomas the KENDZERA, and shocked quickly. Vernidub in the technical area was raised above its own growth, and renewed from the center of the game immediately gained features of the battle for life and death.

Nikolay Shaparenko rushed for Khomchenovskyy after him and hooked him in the middle of the field, Silas was not allowed to get into the penalty area Verbica both the offender received a well-deserved, though not quite mandatory “mustard”. Closer to break Boyko cleared on a corner kick Budkovskiy head – and that the events of the first half exhausted.

Loaves went into the locker room with a smile, looking to the skies…


During the break, Khatskevich has decided to strengthen the attack. In fact, he began to play with two strikers pulling forward Verbicha and replacing Shaparenko on Denys Garmash. New rebuild in ten minutes was already dictated by force majeure: Kadar enough time to earn two warnings and leave the team in the minority. If a different account coach would have let the other defender, but here seemed logical translation of the defense to play with three Central.

But before the people of Kiev managed to make a breakthrough in the game, they conceded the second goal. Silas expertly took a free kick, smartly parried the ball in front of him with both hands, and managed to finish off the White headed it into the bottom corner. This episode added to the guests emotions, and when the opponents knocked Viktor Tsygankov, the teams went at each other wall to wall. The judge quickly figured out the ringleaders and give them warning.

Slalom pass Tsygankova after a long pass from deep and short pass to the left to the district 11-meter mark on Vitaliy buialskyi has allowed Dinamo to play one ball. Another five minutes it took to the same Tsygankov, having the opportunity to perform with his points penalty: thrown over the wall the ball parachute dropped in “nine”.

Scoring in a minority of two goals, any other team probably would have agreed to a draw. However, the team members suddenly call: had a “yellow” White received a straight red card, cut the published tet-a-tet with the goalkeeper of Garmash. Released substitute Vyacheslav Checher ten minutes later unwittingly played a hand, and Tsygankov beat accurately predict the direction of the shot, but with a penalty.

Fortuna returned to Dynamo the favor for the meeting last season, in which the people of Kiev were with the score 3:0, but finished the game in a draw – 4:4…

Dmitry ILCHENKO, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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