“Fortress army”: fighting on the side of Kiev actor Pashinin criticized APU

Actor Anatoly Pashinin, a soldier of the 8th battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer army “Aratta” with the call “Double”, criticized the APU and explained why he went to war only in the volunteers, not the army.

photo: a frame from the video

Your thoughts Pashinin, which the Russian audience knows the films “the Admiral” and “We from the future”, said in an interview with Ukrainian edition of “Browser”.

According to the actor, including volunteers, “who does not spit, you’ll get there man”, because there is a queue of those who want to get on the “front”.

He was also critical about the process that the volunteer battalions are trying to subdue the army. He explained that “Cherven” – the battalion commander of his battalion – able to work with the “rare” people.

“He has, if the operation is conducted, it takes eight prisoners and no wounded. And these prisoners loaded with captured weapons, like a camel. Here is a very helpful people. And the APU each year rolled into the fortress of the Soviet army. And it’s not in a uniform, even dress you in gold braid and boots,” explained Pashinin.

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