Forbidden to feed cattle with products from stores

In the USSR issued a law which should protect stocks of grain. Photo: “Clio”

August 28, 1956 the USSR Council of Ministers has banned the feeding of cattle and poultry bread, flour, cereals, potatoes and other food products bought in state and cooperative stores.

The decision applies to all people both urban and rural areas. This was stated in the decree “On measures to combat the spending of public funds of grain and other food products to feed the cattle.”

People who feed livestock and poultry products from stores fined for the first time on 500 roubles, in repeated cases – 1,000 RUB.

The Council of Ministers ordered to establish control over the sale of bread and other products. Established the allowance in one hand.

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In Ukraine, the decree was abolished in 1995.

27 Aug 1956 in Soviet Union imposed the tax with cattle in the cities.


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