For the first time held a parade of Easter hats

Photo: photo courtesy of Tatyana Zinevich

In Australia at St. Matthew’s. Andrew of Sydney held a parade of Easter hats. It was held by the students. They did hats. The little help parents.

For the most creative hats children received gifts.

“The Easter hat parade held in our school for the first time. In General, it is a tradition in Australia – the Easter Parade of hats (Easter Hat Parade). Wanted to finish this day as something fun,” says Deputy Director of the Fraternal home school them. St Andrew’s in Sydney Tatyana Zinevich.

The children received gifts for the hats and chocolate eggs, different Easter gifts.

Author: photo courtesy of Tatyana Zinevich

Ukrainian Diaspora in Australia: held the first parade of Easter hats

“Australia has a tradition on Easter when the Easter Bunny brings children chocolate eggs, carrots, bunnies, chickens, hiding everywhere in the courtyard and children running around all gathered. Well, we came up with the Easter Bunny. Children searched for their gifts. Lucky for us, it was very warm and Sunny, so staged near the school fun-dancing. Learn to dance the chicken Dance and the Macarena,” adds the teacher.

The preparations lasted for 3 weeks. Children created a variety of Souvenirs, and most importantly what everyone is looking forward to is the Easter eggs.

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Ukrainian Love Volynets holds in new York city courses traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

For courses go to women of different nationalities – Chinese, Japanese, Irish and Americans of Ukrainian descent. Someone is trying to find lost in the embroidery, Ukrainian roots, others are interested in a particular technique of embroidery.

Courses are held at the Ukrainian Museum, which presents the Easter eggs, shirts, embroidered in different colors and styles, elements of traditional Ukrainian clothes and black-and-white photographs.


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