For motivation: top 5 books about well-known brands

In his spare time, besides watching movies, you definitely will be able to capture the history of the great brands that began their journey with small hesitant steps. Journalists LifeStyle 24 have made a list of books in which business owners tell about their success.

If your asleep enthusiasm, and zeal to work temporarily gone, we recommend you to read any of these books. Perhaps it will inspire you for new achievements.

Top 5 books about famous brands:

1. “History Stаrbucks. It all started with a Cup of coffee…”, Howard Schultz

The title of the book says about the main secret of success of this brand – a Cup of coffee. In 1983, the year Howard Schultz, who would later become CEO of the brand Stаrbucks drank a Cup of espresso at an Italian café. Then he realized what atmopshere will reign in his café. And I was right. From the moment when Howard joined the company, which has already been created, together with the other staff, they opened more than 25 thousand cafes in 70 countries around the world. He left the company and returned again. His soul ached from that in Stаrbucks something went wrong. And once he had to drag on itself a difficult task – to save the company from collapse.

“The History Of Starbucks. It all started with a Cup of coffee…”/ Instagram / @book.shelfa

2. “Shoes-being”, Phil knight

In fact, the current businessman and owner of the world famous brand Phil knight hadn’t been able to buy a pair of sneakers. So from an early age knew exactly what once bound to create high-quality and affordable footwear. His dream became a goal and became a reality. He bought the logo for only $ 30 and built an Empire of millions. Despite the recognition of its brand, Phil knight is not a public person. He rarely attends social events and rarely gives interviews. It can be a special meeting eye to eye with a prominent and successful owner of the brand Nike.

“Shoes-Genesis” / Instаgram /

3. “The Phenomenon Zara”, Covadonga O’shea

Amancio Ortega is a billionaire, which is included in the list of the five richest people in the world, according to Forbes, and owner of a successful clothing brand began his career as a salesman in the store. The secrets of success, struggle, with difficulties and not to lose faith in the dream in the book “Fenomen Zara”.

“The phenomenon of Zara” / Instagram / @ekaterynagalaeva

4. “The Philosophy Of Toyota”, Jeffrey K. Liker

Today, Toyota is a company that makes some of the best quality and reliable cars. Directors and managers have tried well over that they Corporation used less space for production, took less working hours and give higher wages. The book tells about all the 14 management principles and philosophy of team work. These life hacks will be useful in any field of work.

“The philosophy of Toyota” / Instagram / @nnazarento

5. “Henry Ford. My life and work”, Henry Ford

In the book, Ford says that it has long wanted to create a machine that will run forever. The man also gives their assumptions about poverty, why it exists, how to say goodbye to her and what makes money money. He shared the perfect way the salesman who works at his company and told us what we need to teach children to invest in yourself.

“Henry Ford. My life and work” / Instagram /

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