For employers to allow staff to change the “salary” Bank, to impose special penalties

To punish the employers that are imposed on employees salary cards of some banks and do not give willingly to go into other, decided the Ministry of labor. The Ministry developed the relevant amendments to the administrative code.

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The employee’s right to go to another lending institution of their choice and it is there to receive the salary prescribed in the Labour code. It is said that for such a maneuver workers simply apply to the accounting Department or the personnel Department of his office a written application with details of the new Bank. The only condition is that the petition must be written at least five working days prior to the date of payment of the regular salary. However, officials complain that, in practice employers often refuse to subordinate to change the Bank. After all, for a businessman it is cheaper and easier to transfer money to all employees in one credit institution, with which he signed a contract for the maintenance of payroll clients. This behavior of the bosses, as noted in the Ministry of labor, prevents the implementation of simple workers of their legitimate right to receive wages on time and in the form most convenient to them.

To minimize the risk of “card” conflicts between superiors and subordinates, the Agency plans to prescribe in Coupe increased penalties for employers for trying to keep the employee hated the Bank. The specific amount of the new penalties will be specified in the bill in the near future. In the current version of the law violation of labor laws is punishable by a fine from 1000 to 5000 rubles for officials and from 30 to 50 thousand — for legal entities. It is planned that the law will start working since December of this year.

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