For 2018, the Ukrainians paid UAH 163.3 million of vehicle tax

In January – November 2018 in local budgets paid almost UAH 163.3 million of vehicle tax, including in November and 15.4 million USD.

Of the total owners of passenger cars – legal entities in January – November 2018 paid more than 17,7 thousand UAH vehicle tax, including in Kiev – 1,9 thousand UAH.

That is, the principal amount of vehicle tax paid by individuals. Most funds received by the local budgets of the Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv regions and in Kyiv.

Most citizens pay for cars of such brands as: Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Land Rover Range Rover.

On the basis of tax information, in particular, the information required to calculate vehicle tax received from the Chief of service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in the current year by owners of cars – the objects of taxation are 8568 individuals owned 8927 objects of taxation.

According to the returns filed by the payers of vehicle tax – legal entities declared 16060 vehicles subject to taxation. The amount of vehicle tax on these vehicles is 19.6 million.

Recall that the object of taxation of transport tax are cars, year which was not more than five years (inclusive) and the average market price is more than 375 times the minimum wage established by law at January 1 of the tax (reporting) year.

This value is determined by the Central Executive body which provides forming and implements the state policy of social and economic development and trade on the methodology approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as of January 1 of the tax (reporting) year on the basis of brand, model, year, engine capacity, fuel type.

The list of such cars, the Ministry of economic development publishes on its official web site annually before February 1 of the tax (reporting) year.

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