For 2018 Holodnitsky earned 2.4 million UAH

For 2018 Holodnitsky earned 2.4 million UAH
23:17 Mon, 1 APR 2019 Telegraph Interfax-Ukraine Photo: Ukraine news: According to the Declaration, Holodnitsky in 2018 received 2,4 million UAH of wages.

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) Nazar Golodnitsky declared in 2018, 2 million 403 thousand UAH 749 income, 100% of which was his salary at the main place of work.

In this case, being concurrently the first Vice-President of the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU), he received no income from activities on the job.

This was reported in the electronic Declaration N.The holodnitsky on property and income for the year 2018, published March 1 in the Unified state register of declarations of persons authorized to perform functions of state or local government on the website of the National Agency for countering corruption.

According to the Declaration, N.Holodnitsky owns in 2016 in the town of Vyshneve, kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi district, Kyiv region with total area of 61,1 sq. m., and rents since 2008 room area of 17,6 sq. m. in the same city. Also, the head of SAP since 2012, owns two plots of land with an area of 1 thousand and 1.2 thousand sq. m. in the village Belogorodka of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky area.

Head of SAP declared VW Touareg of 2013, which he owns in 2016 and that at the time of receipt of a property worth 900 thousand UAH. In addition, the Declaration of N. Holodnitsky made a garage with an area of 40.3 sq. m. in Sofiivska Borschahivka, Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, owned by another person, who is in his “other right of use” from 2017.

Bank accounts head of SAP declared 700 thousand UAH 975 thousand and EUR1, 403, and EUR34 thousand and $160 thousand in addition, he lent to third parties of $4 thousand and 614 thousand UAH, the second amount in the reporting year. Also N. Holodnitsky indicated in the Declaration 101 thousand 885 UAH spending in 2018, according to the article “acquisition of tourist services”.

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