Five foods that promote inflammation in the body

Using power to reduce or increase the risk of many inflammation, which underlie a number of serious diseases.

Nutritionist Svetlana nikitchuk noted that inflammatory processes lead to arthritis, atherosclerosis, skin problems, liver disease, stomach.

So, some products can lead to diseases of the gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, thyroid, brain, common colds, cancer.

What foods contribute to inflammation

• TRANS fats (margarine and all that it contains, fried foods, fast food);
• refined sugar and products containing it;
• fructose;
• polyunsaturated vegetable oils (except olive oil);
• saturated animal fats (e.g. fatty meats).


Thus, the expert advises to abandon the use of these products and replace them in your diet for something healthier.

Which foods protect against inflammation

1. oily deep-sea fish cold seas;
2. nuts;
3. flax seeds, Chia is a storehouse of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids;
4. greens – contains vitamins C, rutin, K, folate, fiber;
5. vegetables: cabbage, beets, carrots, tomatoes are sources of vitamins, anthocyanins, minerals and fiber;
6. berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries) and fruit (citrus, kiwi, pineapple, apples);
7. avocados contain folate, and monounsaturated fatty acids;


8. coconut oil – source of healthy fatty acids;
9. olive oil cold pressed;
10. green tea is composed of antioxidants;
11. turmeric;
12. ginger;
13. garlic;
14. dark grapes.

Dark grapes reduce inflammation

Also useful are smoothies of these products.

Svetlana nikitchuk notes: a healthy, balanced diet helps the body deal with inflammation and prevent illness.

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