First in Kirovohrad oblast: Moscow Patriarchate left another community

The religious community village of Perehonivka in Kirovograd region became the first in the region, which decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate and join the newly formed Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

The decision to join ptsu believers of the village were adopted at the General meeting, the rural Chairman of Peregonovka Vladimir Kozak comments, “the Central news Bureau”.

Fees ended. The majority of voters voted for the transfer,
he said.

The village head noted that only three community members spoke against the move to PCU and remain under the jurisdiction of the UOC-MP.

To the newly created Orthodox Church in Ukraine has moved more than a hundred of the former parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. More than anything in the Vinnytsia region, where 25 parishes announced its withdrawal from the UOC-MP.

The network posted an online map that shows communities that have fallen under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

What is the process of transfer of parishes to ptsu


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