Fire extinguishers, trump: how the President’s family influence on his policy

The first months of Donald trump as President will not name successful. Reform stalled, Congress does not make concessions, and even promised to improve relations with Russia failed. In these circumstances, the White house is transformed into a besieged fortress, and the President relies more on his family. His daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner has called “gray cardinals” who rule from behind the billionaire. Is trump instead of “to drain the Washington swamp”, decided to establish his own political clan?

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One family to rule them all

Although American democracy does not tolerate nepotism, elites managed to push in key positions of their relatives. And sometimes the family had climbed up the political Olympus on their own, ambitions for. Thus were formed political clans, which were concentrated in the hands of a huge impact. Was no exception and Donald trump, although in words he is a staunch opponent of the establishment. His son Jared Kushner was appointed senior Advisor to the President, that it is unpaid (it somehow helps to avoid accusations of nepotism). The eldest daughter of billionaire Ivanka at first demonstratively removed himself from politics, but then she got her office in the White house. Her work is also not paid.

But the couple Kushner and doesn’t need the money. President-in-law is 36 years old and already a multimillionaire and heir to the development of the Empire his family. Ivanka to voluntary withdrawal from business, he held key positions in the companies his father and still owns its own brand of clothing, shoes and accessories. They were both born in rich families and in no need of since childhood.

It is no secret that trump loves his daughter and listens to her. In one show he even said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he’d started Dating her. While the President’s wife Melania has refused so far to move from new York to Washington, Ivanka actually performs the role of the first lady, though refuses to admit it. She accompanies the father at official events, making press statements and, as stated in the White house, is the “eyes and ears” of the President.

Trump’s sons, Donald and Eric are not going to follow the example of the sisters, but such possibility do not exclude. So, Donald, Jr. said that sometime in the future might run for Governor of new York. The eldest son of billionaire Eric also said: “People always ask me when I’ll be running for mayor. And I’m not going. The job of mayor of new York a much less interesting to me than other things, for example the post of Governor of the state.”

It Ivanka trump, in recognition of her brother, Eric, has influenced the most significant and unexpected decision of the President of the United States. News about the chemical attack in Syria “broke her heart” so she convinced trump to launch a missile attack on the airfield of the Syrian government forces in HOMS. It is obvious that she along with her husband Jared is one of the few people to whom the President listens.

And that’s alarming, says a Professor at the University of Georgia Henry Cary. Of course, trump can understand that on Capitol hill he was all alone. The political elite, against which he promised to fight, responded in kind. A lot of places in the presidential administration and the ministries are still vacant and some of the key appointees trump from accusations of ties with Russia were forced to leave. Meanwhile, the congressmen cut at the root of almost all initiatives of the President. In these circumstances, trump has appealed for support to the family, which certainly will not betray him. But when decisions are made in the family circle, without meeting with the experts, US politics can be as unpredictable as it is dangerous.

Daughter of dad dancing

Trump is not a coincidence trusts Jared Kushner and Ivanka. Kouchner considered almost the Creator of the billionaire wins the election. It was he along with brad Pascal and a young team from Silicon valley, organized for campaigning and fundraising on the Internet. A successful businessman Kushner came to the promotion of trump as the sale of goods and applied technology microTargeting. According to this method, to each individual voter (or buyer) is your approach on the basis of his views and preferences.

Parallel to the campaign Kouchner, as reported by The New York Times built bridges with Moscow dealing with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. So son-in-law of the President too has not bypassed the scandal cost the post of the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn. But unlike Flynn, who lied before the Senate, Kouchner said he was willing even now to report to the upper house of Congress on his conversation with the Russian diplomat.

Ivanka during the election campaign, also did not sit idly by. She actively acted as a “surrogate” — replaced his father at rallies and speeches, tried to mitigate the impact of the scandal discrimination against women, gave comments to the media. The wife of billionaire Melania at this time kept in the background and almost never performed in public.

American analysts notice that now the couple Kushner plays the role of “fire extinguisher” for violent and spontaneous character of the President. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ivanka talked the father out of the Paris climate agreement, although it was one of his campaign promises. In an interview, she also shared that sometimes she advises him not to write too sharp messages in his microblog.

Soft power Ivanka is used in international politics. So, at a meeting with Chinese President XI Jinping, her five year old daughter Arabella performed for overseas guests to a song in the Chinese language, who taught two years. At the same time her husband is actively developing US relations with Israel under Obama a few spoil it.

But always look for the “hard father” Kushniry can’t. Both are Orthodox Jews (Ivanka took her husband’s faith before marriage) and always observe the Sabbath. From Friday evening until Saturday night their mobile phones are disconnected and they do not participate in political life. It was at this time on Twitter trump the controversial and emotional messages. By the way, the controversial decree banning the entry into the United States to citizens of the seven predominantly Muslim countries, the President also signed a Friday night.

The strength and weakness of trump

With the growing influence of Ivanka in the policy grows and the profit of the company, said the Associated Press. Compared to last year, sales of the brand grew more than two times. This leads to her suspicion of a conflict of interest. Indeed, although the President’s daughter no longer manages his business, she still owns it and retrieves it for profit. If it is proved that the business-woman using his official position to enrich their companies, its reputation will suffer such damage that it will cast a shadow on the trump. After all, in America, public servants are prohibited by law to participate in the Affairs that may affect their economic interests or the interests of their spouses.

Coincidentally or not, on 6 April, the day of the meeting, trump and his daughter with the President of China, the company Ivanka has received permission from the Chinese authorities for registration of the country’s three new brands engaged in monopolistic trade in goods under the brand “Ivanka trump”. And “first daughter”, and her husband before entering the civil service did a major deal with China, trade with which amounted to a substantial part of their profits. Not Ivanka Lee persuaded his father, who threatened to punish Beijing for currency manipulation, to turn towards China? After the cooling of relations with China could result in great losses for her business. Anyway, after meeting with XI Jinping, the degree of intensity of anti-Chinese rhetoric trump declined markedly.

Ordinary Americans family the principle of the new American policy is not something to like. According to the Quinnipiac poll, published by si-EN-EN, 53% of respondents do not approve of the appointment of Ivanka on the role of the counselor in the White house and 55% dissatisfied with the work of Kushner as an adviser.

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