Final news release 21:00: Snowfall in Kiev. The most high-profile corruption 2018

In the final news release at the 24th of December as of 21:00 – due to snowfall in the capital, rescuers do not advise to inhabitants of Kiev to come to the center by car. In order to avoid accidents, the city will restrict truck traffic. In 2018, there have been many developments related to corruption: establishment of anti-corruption court, and suspicion of second consecutive head of GFS, and the closure case against the son of the interior Minister
Also in the issue:

Lawyer Russian Grushnikov Valentina Fish burned the car.

A large-scale accident in India: due to the thick fog on the highway collided with 50 cars, eight people were killed.

Rescuers warned of the danger of avalanches in Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk.

A terrifying force in Indonesia has claimed the lives of almost 300 people, more than 10 thousand were left homeless.


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